miscarriage at home I nearly fainted 1st time

miscarriage baby

threatened miscarriage have i lost my baby ?

threatened miscarriage in effect means you are losing blood but may not go on to have a full miscarriage. A full miscarriage means you have lost the baby which will come away with any tissue content. Miscarriages happen usually in the first trimester of pregnancy.


miscarriage at home alone what next ?

miscarriage whilst at home panicking what happens to baby now ? especially if your baby was under 12 weeks. what do you do with your baby take it to the hospital ?.
you may decide to quickly wrap it in a towel until your partner comes home and keep it in the freezer but its not a long term solution really is it ?.

In a cremation because baby born at less than 12 weeks of pregnancy he or she wont have developed strong bones. In fact there wouldn’t be much ashes remains left unless you have a wooden coffin ,clothes blankets or a photograph in. so having looked into other mums in the same situation here is what they did.

You cant just flush them down the toilet unless it happens by accident. it will help bring closure by giving baby a little send off .showing them dignity and respect you can order a tiny coffin online or use a little box. Next take them to a favourite walking spot to be buried and visit them occasionally. Leaving a little memorial stone saying special son or daughter will help remember the exact spot when you next visit. (please get landowner permission if its a private land).

don’t bury them direct in the soil of your garden, you worry too much about them being in the cold ground. If one happens in winter you could find the ground is too hard due to ice snow etc.
Another reason for not burying them in the garden is years down the line if you move you house cannot physically take baby’s remains with you. Then you will regret it later when you have moved. plus later on the land may be used for something else.

another choice is to Buy a huge stone planter to bury baby in , Place baby in a tiny moses casket to go straight in to the planter. Next add soil scatter some forget me not seeds that come up every year .they come in the colour pink or blue.
yet another idea is to plant a bush or mini shrub on top. If you are worried you’ll forget to water it add artificial plants / flowers instead. Then it can be carried with you and taken along if you move house.

what are the Guidelines for burying a baby through (miscarriage at home under 12 weeks pregnant)
1.the burial should not cause any danger to others.
2.not interfere with any rights other people have on the land.
3.have no chance of bodily fluids leaking onto adjoining land.
4.no danger of bodily fluids escaping into water courses ie lakes etc or water supplies.
5.Must be buried at least 18 inches deep or 45cm depth.

If I have a mis-carriage at the hospital do they keep my tiny baby

coffins for miscarriage

No,you may have to sign a contract or a consent form to decide what you would like to see happen with baby and any remaining tissue samples. The options are…

you take baby home to bury baby or have a cremation service for your baby. you or a family member make arrangements and pay for costs.
The hospital arranges a communal burial /cremation without you being involved, hospital pays for cost. if you changed you mind later on wanting to move baby’s body at a later stage then this would not be possible due to being a service for all babies buried or cremated together.

or you can also consent to you being involved in the hospital arrangements hospital pays for cost.
why do miscarriages under 12 weeks happen
After suffering 3 miscarriages we gave Mrs F from the UK this advice and information about miscarriage and early baby loss in pregnancy under 12 weeks.

Types of mis-carriages…

Although ‘miscarriage’ is used as a general term, there are several different types. By feeling

The cervix (the neck of the womb), a doctor can often determine the type and stage of


Threatened miscarriage this is used to describe bleeding in early pregnancy, where the

Cervix is found to be tightly closed. The pregnancy is most likely to continue.

Inevitable miscarriage this describes bleeding in early pregnancy where the cervix is found to

Be open, suggesting that the pregnancy will be lost.

Incomplete miscarriage has definitely started, but there is still some pregnancy

Tissue left in the womb. The cervix is usually found to be open.

Complete miscarriage when the pregnancy has been lost, the womb is now empty and the

Cervix has closed.

What can happen in a late miscarriage? in 2nd trimester

. Pregnancy loss later than the first trimester is much less common, and the causes may be different to those described

Above. They are more likely to be related to physical problems, for example with the structure

Of the womb, the strength of the cervix holding the weight of the growing pregnancy, or

Problems with the function of placenta. A medical specialist can provide specific advice.

The most common symptom is vaginal bleeding, which can range from light spotting to heavy.

The blood may contain clots or other tissue.

However, vaginal bleeding during a pregnancy does not always signal that a miscarriage has

Taken place, particularly if it is light and only lasts a short time. Prolonged or heavy bleeding,

Like a period or heavier, is more likely to signify a miscarriage.

There can often be cramping, with period-like pains, and back pain. The cramping sensations

Can be rhythmic and very uncomfortable, similar to contractions during labour. There may be

A distinct loss of fluid, particularly if the pregnancy is more advanced. Some women find that

The usual symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, breast tenderness and fatigue, may stop


Any such symptoms should be reported immediately to a doctor, although once a miscarriage Has started very little can be done to prevent it.

miscarriages at home what happens to baby

causes of a late miscarriage

support for a miscarriage
Having More than one miscarriage

. Having more than one miscarriage can lead to anxieties that a normal pregnancy

Will never occur. But even after two miscarriages it is statistically unlikely that there is any

Underlying problem, and there should be every chance of a successful pregnancy in the


After three consecutive miscarriages it is advisable to undergo some tests to rule out a

specific cause. Possibilities include a hormonal disturbance, genetic problems, and abnormalities

Of the womb, or immune disorders such as ‘antiphospholipid syndrome’ (also called Hughes


The physical effects of a miscarriage tend to clear up quickly. Any bleeding should cease

Within seven to 10 days, with the next period returning around six weeks later. Sometimes

Infection can make the bleeding last longer or cause a discharge that is itchy, smelly or

Greenish in colour. If this happens, a course of antibiotics can be prescribed to clear it up


When a miscarriage is occurring, there is no magic way to stop it from happening. Remember that bleeding happens in 60 percent of all pregnancies, but only 10% end in miscarriage. Call your doctor, but think carefully if you want to go to the ER. Quite often you will only be turned away.

If a miscarriage is indeed happening, by the time you begin bleeding, the baby has almost always already died. This is a frustrating and terrible situation to be in, and when it happens to you, you will initially have no idea that it is so common. Before your research is done, though, you will find that one out of every 10 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and that one in every four women will have one at some point in her reproductive years.

Emotional distress by the loss of a baby.

The emotional effects of miscarriage can be greater. Grief is a normal reaction to miscarriage

And it is normal for it to be intense as that after any other bereavement. Many people describe

A feeling of numbness and emptiness following a miscarriage. Feelings of jealousy and

Sometimes anger towards others is also common.

As with any bereavement, there is no ‘right’ way to deal with the emotional effects of

Miscarriage. Some couples withdraw, feeling alone and isolated, others may wish to talk

About it and find comfort in sharing their experiences, perhaps at a support group. Men and

Women often deal with miscarriage very differently and show their emotions in various ways.

Don’t be scared
Some women are scared of their baby. Some worry about what their baby will look like if born sleeping. If you feel scared, don’t feel bad, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love your baby.

Holding your baby
Some women want to hold their baby straight away but some feel they can’t. Some worry that they may hurt or damage the baby. How you are feeling is normal so, if you’re uncertain, ask your nurse. We doubt you will ever regret holding your baby.

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