why does a miscarriage at 22 weeks sadly happen

miscarriage at 22 weeks
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miscarriage at 22 weeks is called mid-trimester or second-trimester loss. If a baby expires at or after 24 weeks of pregnancy called a stillbirth. However, miscarriage at 22 weeks or late miscarriage is not very common it happens in only 1 to 2% of pregnancy cases. In this article, we discuss some reason why miscarriages happen at 22 weeks.

In addition, it’s very difficult to understand why a late loss is always called miscarriage instead of stillbirth. It is understood that if a baby is born alive at 24 weeks, he has a good chance of survival. However, a miscarriage at 24 weeks very difficult for women who experience this loss.

causes of miscarriage at 22 weeks gestation

Many factors may cause a miscarriage at 22weeks. To find the actual cause, doctors do the various test. However, in the below list, we discussed some reasons you can see.

  1. Age

Your age factor is very important during pregnancy. If you get older, the chances of miscarriage increase. However, miscarriage at 22 weeks can still be common if the father is older.

  1. Genetic Factors

Our genetic structures contain DNA that is a feature we inherit from our parents, so if a partner will have some abnormality on their chromosomes; then it can cause miscarriage.

  1. Thrombophilia

Thrombophilia clots your blood which makes a cause of late miscarriage; however, Thrombophilia is an inherited condition that comes from parents.

  1. Weak Cervix

If you have a weak cervix, then it can make a cause miscarriage at 22 weeks. However, if your waters broke early in a previous pregnancy, or womb entrance open without pain, then you may face pregnancy lose.

  1. Baby Development Problems

Sometimes, baby development stops, and your baby doesn’t develop properly and not survive.

  1. Infection

Any infection that harms the health of you and your baby can cause a miscarriage. The intrauterine infection is the most common infection that develops in the womb during pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

  1. Health Conditions

An unhealthy condition may also make a cause of miscarriage. However, the most common unhealthy conditions including thyroid, diabetes and blood pressure so these problems must be controlled in pregnancy.

  1. Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS)

APS is an uncommon syndrome that causes your blood to clot, which causes miscarriage.

Symptoms of the Miscarriage At 22 Weeks

There are some most common symptoms of the miscarriage at 22 weeks.

  • Vaginal spotting or bleeding
  • Pain or cramping in your abdomen and back
  • Tissue or unexplained fluid that passes through the vagina
  • No felt fetus movement

Risk Factor of Miscarriage at 24 Weeks

There are following risk factors of a miscarriage at 22 weeks:

  • Overweight or underweight
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Take too much caffeine
  • A weak cervix
  • Low folate level


If you want to prevent miscarriage, you should pay attention to your physical and mental health and keep healthy and happy. However, you can also get help from your family doctor for a healthy pregnancy. When a pregnant mum to be looses more than 3 losses more indepth tests can be done to find a cause.

when should you give up after having many miscarriages?

when a woman has more than 3 miscarriages it really takes its toll emotionally on both the mum and dad. Mum will constantly be worried at every week of her pregnancy. Dad offers support but may not show it the same as a woman. lots of heartbreaks can cause a family break up.

Marriage guidance counselling may be needed just to help repair the couples strain they have been through. A baby will never be replaced but some mums just keep going. Trying be be brave as every pregnancy reaches an extra week than the last pregnancy, overcoming each milestone. Some women do indeed manage to have a baby even after 11-13 miscarriages.

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