memory box for baby bereavement 1st gift

memory box baby

Baby Bereavement memory box forever keepsake and what goes inside

memory box baby

memory box gift for a baby bereavement. After the loss of a baby, most parents are feeling shocked, empty, and isolated. In this traumatic time, it’s difficult to cope with grief and overcome the huge loss, but a baby bereavement memory box is one of the ways to survive in this traumatic condition. In the memory box, you can keep your little baby’s treasure memories and items relating to this time and can cope with their grief.

What is a Baby Bereavement memory box?

A baby bereavement memory box is a wooden box or envelope used to keepsake items related to the birth and your stillborn infant. A memory box provides a safe and reassuring space for parents (who lost their little ones) to build their own memories around their strong bond with their infant. A bereavement memory box for baby miscarriage and stillborn infant also enables you to remember your little infant and this time with more clarity.

The memory box contains the most significant and memorable items for the bereaved parents. Each item is very important and meaningful in helping to honour a baby and gently encourage remembrance. Most parents keep their stillborn infant contents in the box, including a letter to the mother, a sea shell keepsake/ornament, a hand-painted picture frame, a bracelet set, a small teddy bear, a haircutting kit, a snowflake ornament, a journal, soft white blanket, baby clothes, and a cap.

Some hospitals provide a memory booklet for your baby’s measurement and record details. So, it might be possible you want to collect scans, the cord clamp, pressed flowers you’ve received, you and your baby’s hospital name band, and letters that you can keep in a baby bereavement memory box.

How to Make a Baby Bereavement memory box at Home?

You can make a bereavement box at home with simple and easy steps.

  1. Find an Old Box

First of all, find an old box in your home which you can decorate to make a beautiful bereavement box to preserve your loved ones’ memory. An old shoebox can be a great option because it has a closeable lid that can be easily kept under the bed.

  1. Décor Box

Using the ribbons, fabric, beads or buttons, and wrapping paper décor box beautifully. You can also make two to more compartments in the box to keep different items and belongings.

  1. Fill Your Baby Bereavement memory box

Now fill the box with your little baby memorable items such as photographs, a flower, scans, teddies, hands and feet 3D casting, etc. Make sure you fill the memory box with each item with a story or memory related to your baby. You could add your own poem, add the funeral service booklet. a drawing down by one of baby’s siblings or relatives too. plus a written letter saying goodbye to your baby

  1. Share your Memories

Some people like to keep their baby-related memories private, but some people want to share them with their family and friends, so if you’d like to share a memory of your cute stillborn baby, then show this memory box with family and friends. It can be a nice and heart-touching way to share your beautiful memories of their baby.

memory box bereavement for baby

Take Away

Stillborn baby loss is a very painful experience for every parent. A memory box is a great way to remember your child’s beautiful memories and feelings. When you want to remember, just open the box and simply look through the amazing collection of memories in the box! more articles on our homepage cheekychumsonline

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