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knitting patterns for baby where do you start when you want to knit for a premature baby ? In fact In today’s blog we give you all the best information on how to get started. Knitting for the first time can be a worthwhile hobby to get into. All you need is a pattern, wool, knitting needles, safety pins, a notebook and a pen. Further down in this blog we also will cover the best cheap places and free resources to look at to get you addicted to knitting in no time.

You need the safety pins to put your work on if you need to work on some stitches but not all of them . You need a notebook to write down where you are up to in your work. So when you have had enough for the day you can pick it up again and carry on anytime. Brilliant so you don’t forget were you are up to.

Top tip …. get into the habit of writing down each row, there is nothing worse trying to count each line of stitches only to remember you forgot to write it down. thus having to start again with all your work. Crochet is easier as you only loose stitches not rows if you do it wrong.

Buying wool get cheap thick wool to begin with pound shops are great way to purchase acrylic wool cheap. market stalls. Next you can master knitting before you order expensive wool online once you are ready to start a pattern project such as a hat or blanket for a baby.

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If you have never done knitting before don’t waste money buying a monthly magazine subscription. You can look in charity shops . Or even a local library have lots books on how to knit for the first time and also professionally too. Plus its a great way to get cheap knitting needles to start off with. Charity shops are always getting needle donations even bits wool. next the patterns Lots free patterns are available online here are the top 3 links

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knitting patterns for baby for beginner knitters

i think the best way to learn how to knit is watching someone. Nowadays these skills aren’t passed on through generations anymore like they used to do . But there is a great way to learn and its free too. by watching you tube videos. There are tons to pick from. here are our top 3 recommendations to get you off to a learning start.

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knitting patterns for baby in soft acrylic baby wool is a popular yarn used. double knit is thick than 3ply. so your knitting will be tighter is you picked 3ply rather than the double knitting wool. here are some quick and easy premature baby patterns. Never use food shaped buttons to add onto a baby cardigan its illegal and also a swallowing hazard. Pick the best knitting yarn for a premature baby due to them having such tender skin.

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Once you have mastered the art of knitting for a baby. Why not knit for a baby charity. Some hospitals like blankets made for tiny babies in the nicu. you could knit teddies for a charity shop to sell. or make a lot of items set up a stall for charity donating all the proceeds of your work. You may even turn your hobby into a business and make hats scarves and jumpers for family and friends.

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