getting pregnant dangers risks in 2019

getting pregnant
getting pregnant harmful to baby

getting pregnant could you be at risk without knowing it ?

today we look at what possible risks are there in 2019 that could effect you getting pregnant. Coupled with pregnancy complications. Next What is a high risk pregnancy ?. This news blog discusses what outside influences can be harmful to a baby whilst growing in the womb.

So you and your partner have decided to have a baby.In the first place you may have a pre exhisting health condition can effect pregnant women. Certain medical conditions can make the pregnancy high risk both for you and your baby. Here are just a few examples. diabetes type 1 having high blood pressure , or being HIV positive. Being obese puts a strain on baby’s heart with a 15% chance of baby having heart problems when born. Particular smoking and drinking causes heath risks. Stop if you can before getting pregnant. .

Can the age of getting pregnant be a risk in pregnancy?

The answer is yes women over 40 have a much higher chance of carrying a baby with down syndrome. Furthermore as for the younger you are to get pregnant it can lead to death. Fortunately in the UK law does not permit very young teens to marry. but overseas getting pregnant below the age of 12 is killing young girls.

As a result of getting pregnant with two or more babies at once. As a result Carrying multiple babies will be referred to as a high risk pregnancy. Next A consultant will monitor the babies throughout the pregnancy much more closely.

Pregnancy complications

Here is a list of some complications that can arise in pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy , Pre-eclampsia, Premature rupture of the membranes, Low amniotic fluid, Placenta previa, Twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

Is radiation a risk to a pregnant woman ?

Radiation is highly dangerous to a pregnant woman especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is especially dangerous to baby’s development. It is vulnerable enough to say it can cause deformities and abnormalities in its fetus stage. As a result The higher the dose can also cause death to the baby. this had a dramatic effect to unborn babies after the Chernobyl disaster video (some scenes maybe upsetting to viewers)

Is 5G radiation towers dangerous to pregnant women ?

In 2019 many people all over the world have noticed a change in technology. With 5G being switched on in the UK now in these towns Manchester Birmingham, London, Cardiff ,Liverpool, Edinburgh and Belfast. The signals are off the scales as more and more people are filming the results using a EMF radiation meter.

If you start to have numerous miscarriages try to get evidence if you think it could be 5G. What is 5G ? well if you think of using your microwave which uses 2.4GHz and you put tinfoil inside you know its causes fires. The level is much, much higher than that and is used to send signals. Beyond this around 40 – 90GHz to send necessary signals to your LATEST 5g mobiles in order for them to work.

Incidentally the masts or cell towers are much more closer together than 4g ones. Huge Healthy trees are being cut down to make room for more of these towers. Besides 5g towers being hidden too in parts of the uk using artificial leaves ( mmm how strange to hide them ).

Is it true you may be saying? well In the news birds dying falling from trees at night in holland and it was thought 5g to be the cause ? So Holland wont have 5g Until tests have been performed. by the way More news back in march a 5g towers was put up next to a children’s school 4 children got cancer. The tower then got removed see news 5g celltower removed

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