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funny babies so hilarious they fill your heart with joy don’t they? So when are babies so funny ? believe it or not even when they are newborn they make such funny expressions with their faces. A mum likes to think when a baby smiles its because its smiling at mum but when newborn a baby with wind often smiles. Smiling in development occurs around 6 weeks.

As a baby looks at you they start to smile and like go shy with the side of the face. funny babies its such a pleasure to see for the first time. Record it on your phone and treasure it forever. or add it a baby record book too.

funny babies giggling

What makes funny babies laugh?

Babies laugh for the first time around four months of age. It is not clear whether or not they can understand humor at this age. But by 10 months, they laugh in response to anything silly or absurd. ideas daddy can do to encourage funny babies to giggle is pretend to sneeze babies love it.

They laugh whether their parents are laughing or not. They seek everyone’s attention with their laughter and smiles. Laughing is good for your baby’s health and is the best way to attach with them. plus its good for the relief of stress for parents too after a busy day. in fact you see someone laugh and you cant help your self but to laugh along too. and it cheers you up no end.

It’s easy to make babies amuse or laugh them through easy and simple games, which will also help them develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Blowing raspberries for cheerful funny babies

Blow gently on your baby’s skin, stomach, or feet and watch their reaction when this is done on their stomach accompanied by a funny sound, they start giggling. as babies try new foods the funny expressions they make you have a real belly full of laughs. babies playing with other babies can be really funny too. especially watching twins or triplets.


If your baby has started crawling, chase them saying, “MAMA bear is out to get you.” That can leave them laughing and giggling.

Physical games:

Games in which we touch the baby, help producing strong bonding. It will also make them laugh. For instance, you can play steal your nose game. Pretend you have pinched your baby’s nose and show your thumb (as their nose) through your fingers. They may laugh.


While singing the rhyme ‘pat-a-cake’ perform an action. Clap your hands and pat on your thighs and continue singing while laughing. Your baby will surely respond with laughter.

Horse riding:

Move your baby up and down while baby sitting on your knees and with a horse galloping sound as if they are riding a horse. Your legs might fatigue but your baby will love it want it more and continue laughing.


Whether it’s on baby’s stomach, feet, or armpits, tickling is a sure way to make babies laugh.

Funny faces:

Make funny faces by sticking your tongue out, using your hands to make fantasy figures and speaking in a comic tone. They will all make your baby chuckle.

Siblings or peers:

If your baby has siblings then you just got your laughter champion right at home. Babies laugh when an elder sibling or peers make funny faces.

Animals and toys:

Babies find animals and toys humorous due to their exceptional form, strange sounds, and movements, which are all dissimilar from humans’. So, whenever a cat licks its paw, or cow moos, they burst out laughing.

Keep it on loop mode:

One of the ultimate ways to make your baby laugh is to sing. While singing, play around with your baby’s fingers, and make voice deviations. Sing that song that your baby seems to like and sing it frequently — when you are putting your baby to sleep when you showering them, and while nursing them.

Show the baby an object:

It should be one of baby’s toys such as a teething ring that baby can grab. Allow the baby to observe the toy for a minute. Let him touch it and grab it to explore.

After sometime, hid the object with a cloth. If a baby has developed object permanence, he will be able to uncover the toy and find the object. Pull the cloth off and smile. This will often make funny babies giggle, as you have made the object re-appear.

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