down syndrome newborn trisomy 21 shock

down syndrome in babies trisomy 21

down syndrome newborn baby at birth can have a normal delivery. This weeks soap programme called Emmerdale brought up this storyline. How a pregnant mum’s scan revealed a possibility of having a baby with down syndrome.

down syndrome newborn baby

Scan possible outcome down syndrome in a newborn baby

a first pregnancy scan is usually for a dating scan to find out the expected due date of your baby. On a very rare occasion the scan picture may bring up excess fluid build up around the neck . the sonographer may get a consultant to also take a look at it for a second opinion. This is the first sign that a baby may have down syndrome.

tests for down syndrome in pregnancy

fact is the consultant will talk to you to let you know all about the condition down syndrome. Also know as trisomy 21. you can have a non invasive test that does not harm the baby. invasive tests can cause a miscarriage. miscarriage means you will loose the baby. Down s isn’t something to be scared about. it just means a baby could have a few health issues and developmental delays later on.

down syndrome newborn baby

non invasive blood test for down syndrome

Do not feel pressured into having an invasive test first for down syndrome. Why take a risk this early, ask for the blood test the non invasive test option. There can be a mistake made. a lady went for a checkup and the nurse wanted to do an amniocentesis straight away. as she approached with the needle the lady said stop is their an easier way of finding out ? yes the non invasive test. it turned out to be negative too. so you want to avoid unnecessary worry don’t you.

down syndrome newborn baby compatible with life

do not be afraid thinking a baby with down syndrome is incompatible with life like some other conditions. A baby with down syndrome isn’t likely to die whilst growing in the womb. you may be told to have an abortion. You do not have to agree. This will be your baby your choice. many parents with a child that has down syndrome will tell you yes there may be health issues in some children but they have the purest love. a baby giggling, smiling back at you and there are no limits in what life has to offer you. they wouldn’t have it any other way.

trisomy 21 and other conditions detected fetal anomally scan

After a pregnant woman has her dating scan there is another scan at around 20 weeks pregnant. this is called a fetal anomaly scan. its a more detailed look at the growing baby. other health conditions can be detected at this scan.

what sort of issues are detected on a fetal anomaly scan ?

Here are just a few examples detected during a fetal anomaly scan. A scan can reveal congenital heart abnormalities, urinary tract conditions. skeletal issues, and the gastrointestinal tract .certain conditions indicate anencephaly eyes are bulging and no skull is present at the top of the head. this can be seen on an ultrasound scan . an opening at the bottom of the spine that hasn’t closed up suggests spina bifida. This can be repaired . along with looking at the brain structure and fluid. excess fluid in the neck fold can detect down syndrome. heart problems can be detected as the heart is examined.

can you get support about the condition down syndrome trisomy 21?

more information about the invasive test you do not have to have the more invasive test of having a needle put into your stomach in pregnancy to check for trisomy 13 18 or 21. there is a risk of miscarriage, the mum to be is more at risk of losing the babies if she is pregnant with twins. yes you can email the down syndrome association for leaflets and further advice

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