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childrens shoe sizes in the UK are they the same every where else? If you have never bought children’s shoes I’ll tell you now what a pain. You may ask why is the word pain used ? well its not as easy as you think. Depending which shop you buy children’s shoes from and where do they order their wholesale stock from.

I remember wanting to buy a premature baby a pair walking shoes. She had just turned one year old and needed sturdy outdoor shoes. See she started walking at 10 months old. Even though she was 9 months corrected. So normal sized shoes for a 1 year old child would be way to big on her feet. In fact a bought a pairs and they slipped off so easily that she had grown out of them by the time I remembered we still had them . So you end up wasting money all round.

childrens shoe sizes babies brilliant 6-12 months old

To begin with well start at the very beginning choosing baby shoes for babies 6 to 12 months old. What childrens shoe sizes do they start at for this age? we found a shoe shop with shoes for a 3 month old baby. Description stated they fitted a baby age 3 months. the size inside read one size only. sourced from Portugal.

How can you buy a pair of shoes that says just that. especially if you are buying a pair as a gift. Senseless isn’t it. Next cute shoes looked to fit a 6 month old baby yet the sizes said choose 11cm 12 cm 13 cm. so another different sizing method. Also baby shoes size 0 00 000 . hadn’t a clue about these some looked tiny .forget these ones if you see them. So pre walkers Next especially for the 9-12 month age range.

We found small medium or large sizes from a uk seller. then another sold them in 11cm 12cm or 13 cm. more sizing choices again this time it was in age of the child 0-6m ,6-12m 12-18m. Talk about confusing at least the ages seems a better way to order shoes. But I wouldn’t order online. What if your child has a slender foot or a chunky foot. you wouldn’t know which to buy.

Startriteshoes can be found throughout the uk their prewalker baby shoes .Their childrens shoe sizes start from a size 2 up to 4 with half a sizes inbetween. and do small to wide fittings too. Excellent choice prices are around £29.00 . try them on your baby prior to ordering.

Of course you may have also heard of Clarks shoes for babies toddlers and kids great choices variety of fittings various sizes and widths to pick from too. You could always order online and return if they don’t fit.

So with local supermarkets having a much wider range of products now its also easier to try a pair of kids shoes on when they are in your shopping trolley. Your kids will love the latest tv character ones. Especially trainers that light up to..

Here are some bargain kids shoes websites you may be interested in. these sell Clarks and branded shoes for less online. Clarks outlet have their own kids shoes but cheaper. Even B and M have cheap childrens shoes and trainers. very cheap jelly sandals for babies and toddlers from £2.99 brilliant prices if you plan to go to the beach or on holiday with the family. every little helps. Plus sandals in bright pink .Perfect if you have a little girl that just loves to wear pink .

see this chart for Europe sizes in childrens shoes

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