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incubators for babies born 24 weeks so early

incubators for babies

Incubators are special machines that are designed for babies to provide them with additional medical care that is essential for their proper neonatal growth. Incubators are specifically used for babies that are born with a certain medical condition or born before 37 weeks of pregnancy (preterm babies). Every hospital has a special HDU or Neonatal…

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premature birth baby at 24 weeks alarm

premature birth-baby

premature birth before 25 weeks pregnant. does the hospital fight to save babies born too soon?. years ago babies could survive from 24 weeks. You do not need to be alarmed but babies born as early as 22 weeks can now survive in this present day of 2021. Depending on the hospitals policy determines if…

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early signs labour im terrified at 37 weeks along

pregnancy calculator

early signs labour in a woman’s pregnancy can be very frustrating for a first time mum. As a mum to be gets towards the end of her pregnancy she will get asked many times things like “have you not had that baby yet”. “when are you due?” “are you having a boy or a girl…

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home birth can I have one during covid -19 in year 2021

home birth during covid 19 pandemic

home birth or a homebirth during the covid-19 pandemic. what are the rules for delivering a baby at home? in May 2020 the guidance sheet was given to midwife led services for the safe delivery of babies during the ever changing pandemic. In countries where there are health care services and if a woman is…

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giving birth in the uk wow how expensive in 2021

giving birth uk costs

Giving birth how costly is it to bave a baby in the uk now? giving birth can be achieved by paying the cost yourself or can be free if you decide to give birth to your baby using the NHS, it almost costs nothing to families, and you can avail most of the facilities free…

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national childbirth trust in 2021 help my baby please

nct national childbirth trust

What is the national childbirth trust (NCT)? national childbirth trust is also known as an NCT; it is the largest parent charity in the UK, was developed in 1956, and help millions of parents through early parenthood and birth. The trust’s main goal is to support parents early 1000 days from the starting of pregnancy…

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baby mozart music 20 weeks pregnant soothing the soul

baby mozart sleeping soundly

baby mozart music does it really soothe the soul ?. when you are pregnant especially if you are constantly surrounding yourself in stressful situations How does stress effect you? it can effect your health and that of your baby. music in pregnancy good for mums health and that of her baby your blood pressure can…

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caesarean c section op fast at 39 weeks pregnant

caesarean c section

Caesarean Section Birth A caesarean section is a procedure that is performed to give a surgical birth to a baby. It is applicable under certain conditions when a mother fails to provide a natural birth to a baby. On some occasions a mum to be requests an elective c section. This may be due to…

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waterbirth home or hospital at 39 weeks pregnant

Waterbirth home with a partner doula and midwife Professional providers and mothers consider Waterbirth to be the most delicate technique of natural labour. A pregnant mum can have a waterbirth with a partner, Doula and midwife beside her should she choose. The following points are some posed inquiries about a waterbirth delivery. What is a…

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jaundice baby at 2 day old oh no!

jaundice baby

Jaundice is a medical condition primarily characterized by yellowing of skin or eyes due to excess accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. People of all age numbers are equally vulnerable to this medical condition. However, its prevalence in newborn babies is of great significance and requires special attention. Jaundice in newborn babies is often termed…

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