birth of a baby rough ride 1st child bonded well

birth of a baby in hospital

birth of a baby is it all its cut out to be?

birth of a baby girl

birth of a baby your first child will you have a rough time or will it all go plain sailing today we look at the care you get in hospital and the newborn baby’s care needs.

The birth of a baby is the most fascinating thing a woman can experience in her life. However, such events can turn out very chaotic if proper care was not given to a newborn baby. Therefore, it is very important from the medical perspective that special care must be given to a newborn immediately after its birth.

after the birth of a baby How to take care of your newborn in hospital?

Taking care of a newborn baby can be hectic and tiresome especially for first-time parents. Time after birth is very critical for the baby’s health, therefore, you need to have basic knowledge of what kind of care your baby requires immediately after birth.

In most cases, it is highly recommended that you should seek help from specialized healthcare professionals when you are still in the hospital. These healthcare providers help your baby in the following ways;

Assisting with the birth of a baby including any neonatal care that a baby may require immediately after birth.

  • They help your baby to breathe properly at the time of birth. For this, it is important to clear the mucous from the baby’s mouth and nose. Additionally, to make your baby cry after birth is also very important to get rid of accumulated fluids in the lungs.
  • Clamping and cutting of umbilical cord also require assistance from healthcare providers. Timing for this is very important, it is preferable to wait at least 45 to 60 seconds after birth before carrying out this procedure.
  • Measuring your baby’s Apgar score is also the responsibility of a healthcare provider. Apgar score is a clear indication of how your baby is adjusting to life outside the mother’s body. Apgar score greater than 7 shows that your baby is in good health.
  • Apart from this, measuring your baby’s weight and temperature is also the responsibility of a healthcare provider. It is also advisable to give a baby vitamin K shot and hepatitis B vaccine immediately after birth. but you can say I do not consent of you prefer they do not have a vaccination.

Can you give birth of a baby at home?

yes early in your pregnancy let the midwifes know your birth plan, unless you are a high risk pregnancy there is no reason why you cant deliver the birth of a baby in your home setting.

How to take care of a newborn baby at home?

birth of a baby boy

Handling and caring for a newborn baby at home is also very challenging and exhausting for the parents especially if this is their first time. Therefore, the parents must know the basics of how they can take good care of their baby at home. The points mentioned below will help you in this regard; After the birth of a baby its also normal to feel teary 3 days after birth. Its often called the baby blues. If this carries on and you feel depressed speak to your health visitor in the first instance mums can occasionally experience what’s known as post natal depression.

  • According to the doctors, a newborn baby should be fed only with breast milk for at least the first few months. but formula food is also used as an alternative. Therefore, it is important to feed the baby on time after every 2 to 3 hours or using on demand method. premature babies need small amounts at regular intervals for feeding because their blood sugar levels can drop easily..
  • Once your baby is fed, hold the baby in such a position so that it can burp easily. Burping not only aid in digestion but also prevent the unnecessary spit-ups.
  • The umbilical cord stump placed after birth is very delicate and prone to infections. Taking good care of this navel area is an important aspect of newborn baby care. Therefore, try to keep the cord-stump area as much clean and dry as possible to avoid infection. Do not be scared of cleaning this area.
  • When a mum has just given birth of a baby her partner can do this too whilst she recovers from the delivery. Changing the nappy of a newborn baby as soon as it feels full is very important for maintaining good hygiene. Carelessness in this matter can lead to pathological conditions like UTI infections. plus a cranky baby will not feel good in a soiled nappy.
  • Massaging your baby’s body on daily basis is also of great significance as it stimulates overall blood flow, helps in digestion, and gives your baby a soothing feeling. It is preferable to give a massage to your baby before every bath. After the birth of a baby this is a good way to bond well with your child too.
  • While handling or playing with your baby, avoid vigorous shaking as it damages your baby’s internal organs. When sleeping, try to alternate baby head position frequently to avoid the formation of flat spots on the head.

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