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bereavement leave in the uk that effects those living in England Scotland and Wales. if you live in one of those mentioned then you can claim Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay and Leave .after the loss of a baby your short and long term plans can change. this effects you taking time off work in the UK due to a bereavement. if your baby dies after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy up to the age of 18 . providing your baby died after 6th April 2020. including a death or stillbirth.

bereavement leave baby stillbirth

what do you do on bereavement leave

bereavement is a time of mourning after the loss of a loved one. there are lots to do when someone dies but in the case of a baby stillbirth death its slightly different. after the loss of a baby you didn’t have the chance to build up a life long time of memories. so you may find it hard to plan a service together on your own. get all the help you can and use online resources for song ideas poems prayers . even other parents in groups will tell you what they used for their own baby funeral.

you can use the bereavement leave time to sort out the baby’s room or leave it until its not as painful .keeping everything in boxes helps to bring closure but not to end their memory altogether. store them away until later or use some of the baby clothes and have them made into a memorial bear. tell your family members that nothing must be thrown in the bin for fear of upsetting you. this can only add to the suffering you are going through.

bereavement leave after a stillbirth

taking bereavement leave in the event of a sad stillbirth. you can take 2 weeks together with your partner. if you want to go back to work it must be with 56 weeks of your baby dying. for instance if you only work 2 days a week then you would only get the two days off each week for those two weeks.

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bereavement leave my mother in law says i have to get a job

dear Heaven and Hope me and my partner live with my mother in law we lost our son 3 month ago he was stillborn at 40+1 weeks. my partner works but my mother in law says i shouldn’t mope about now and that i should go and get a job as life goes on. I am at my witts end i don’t even want to get up out of bed in a morning what should i do my life as been turned upside down and i don’t see a way out help!.

Answer : family members mean well but what they feel to understand is baby loss is the worse type of bereavement. You don’t just get over fact a baby bereavement can also cause PTSD like soldiers get in wars.

it is so traumatic it can take many years to feel just ok. You never get over the loss of a child. in fact you learn to take one day at a time making ever day count. Counselling may be a way forward for you see your doctor too.

bereavement leave time out for counselling

the types of counselling for a baby bereavement. one to one is the best form of bereavement counselling. often down by someone qualified you have it in a private room at a centre or telephone. they are trained to listen and help you come to terms with your loss. sands offer counselling groups talking to likeminded parents who in turn have lost a baby may feel better for you as they too have been there.

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