babyborn at 37 weeks strange leaking waters

babyborn at 37 weeks
baby born at 37 weeks pregnant
baby born at 37 weeks weighing 6lb 4oz

babyborn at 37 weeks will he go into special care ? dear Cheeky Chums my sister’s had leaking waters for a week and had her son at 37 weeks pregnant (36 plus 5) does it mean he will have to go into a special care baby unit ?

If her baby boy can breathe properly. Can he maintain his own temperature and feed easily then no. A baby born after the start of the 37th week isn’t classed as a premature birth. therefore as her baby may not have any medical issues associated with prematurity. Therefore he may be a tiny baby instead of a heavier birthweight. Occasionally there may be issues that require a short stay in the special care baby unit.

babyborn at 37 weeks staying in scbu

as an example one of these issues is where a heart valve doesn’t close fully at birth. It causes a breathing issue so baby will have to have assistance such as cpap or go on a ventilator. If a baby born at 37 weeks has problems breathing unaided. As a result this could be the cause of the valve not closing completely. a baby boy had a short stay in a closed incubator. Then after a few days the valve closed on its own. Furthermore mum spent time breast feeding him in a side room before being allowed home.

If baby is too cold when fully dressed especially being just under born at 37 weeks then they may have to go into an incubator. this is to help maintain their temperature. One baby girl stayed in special care for a couple days then went into a hot cot. located in the SCBU once she was able to take more than a few mils of milk by a syringe feed her feeds increased. Mum went into a side room breastfeeding in preparation of going home.

should you have visitors if baby is in scbu

keeping baby in scbu after being born at almost 37 weeks. Dear Cheeky Chums As a result of baby being whisked over to scbu should friends visit ?
The answer is No ,partly due to infection control and keeping germs from poorly babies. As a rule hospitals are strict for visiting sick babies and premature infants immediately family only.

No family member will even be allowed onto the SCBU ward if mum or dad isn’t there (if the premature baby has both parents living together.) Mum may have nipped out for a break so you as a family would have to wait until she came back to visit baby.

In turn your friends can later visit at home when your baby is discharged. Incidentally remember they can pick up infections easily. Next Don’t be tempted to let anyone visit if they themselves are sick. Especially with a heavy cold or have a stomach upset. In brief the last thing you need is your new baby to end up back in the special care baby unit otherwise known as the SCBU.

Babyborn at 37 weeks resting at home visitors off-limits

babyborn at 37 weeks
bonding with his babyborn at 37 weeks gestation

Incidentally a mum may find all is well with her babyborn at 37 weeks with no health issues. Once allowed home don’t be surprised if dad says visitors are off limits. private time with just mum and dad bonding with their baby for at least a couple of days.

As a result of the birth a woman’s hormones start to go back to normal. especially a few days after delivery around the 4th day. Next thing you know a new mum can get what’s called the baby blues. Crying tears for no reason at all emotional too. However it all settles down then you’ll find mum is ringing everyone to come round and see the new babyborn now.

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