baby with sore throat fed up its 3 times now

baby with sore throat

baby with sore throat more than once in a year. In fact can be very upsetting to the parents if it’s getting pretty regular. In certain town centres pollution is having an effect on a babies health. especially with asthma and breathing problems. So today we look at a sore throat in more detail for a young baby.

baby with sore throat at 6 months

baby with sore throat causes of this issue

Sore throat is a common medical condition that mostly affects children at their early ages. The most common cause of sore throat is the common cold that is either caused by a virus or bacteria. Viral infections and flu are other major causes of sore throat in babies. The baby has to suffer from a sore throat for a longer duration that is caused by flu compared to the sore throat caused by a common cold. Occasionally, Glandular fever also becomes the reason for sore throat in babies.

Tonsilitis, a viral infection can also cause sore throat in babies. In tonsilitis, a baby has red swallowed tonsils at the back end of his mouth that cause sore throat by their secretions. Hand, foot, mouth and ear infections caused by viruses can also contribute to sore throat formation in babies.

Bacterial infections are not that severe compared to viral infections. Strep throat is a bacterial infection that affects babies below the age of 3 and resembles tonsilitis in terms of its symptoms. Some non-infectious causes of baby with sore throat include allergies, air pollution, dry air in winter and persistent crying.

How you deal with a baby with sore throat at different ages

Seeing your baby go through pain is always a heart-wrenching situation for parents. In the case of a baby with sore throat, babies throw fits by refusing to feed and continuously cry. Swallowed lymph nodes and changed voice may further complicate the situation.

For children of age less than one month, antibiotics and OTC drugs never be an option due to a weak immune system. Moreover, antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections and have no efficacy against viral infections. So, usage of antibiotics without consulting your paediatrician can only create bacterial resistance in your baby. You can help baby below the age of one month by using the following remedies:

  • Giving saline drops to deal with nasal congestion.
  • Use a humidifier in the baby’s room, it will prevent the dryness of the air.
  • If it’s suitable according to climate, try to give the baby a steamy bath.
  • To keep your baby hydrated, increase breastfeeding and fluid intake.

baby with sore throat what medicines can you give

For babies of age up to 6 months, we can use the following remedies and medicines along with the above-discussed methods:

  • Most babies start solid food intake at this age. Make sure to keep your baby hydrated by giving him plenty of formula diet and milk, and breastfeeding.
  • Offer baby more sips of water so his body remains hydrated.
  • If the paediatrician allows, add throat lozenges to the warm water and give it to the baby, this will help to soothe your baby’s throat.
  • In case of high fever, the paediatrician may suggest giving some pain reliever syrup such as ibuprofen.

For babies of age up to 12 months, things are a bit different as the baby now 1 year old. So along with the above methods, some other ways can also be used;

  • Give baby frequently hot water to drink. It is better to dissolve some throat lozenges or cough suppressants in water and then offer them to the baby. It will help to reduce throat sourness and inflammation.
  • Use honey only after the permission of the paediatrician. Because its use in some babies may cause botulism.
  • You can offer some sips of jasmine, lemongrass or chamomile tea if your baby likes to take them.
  • Advice your child to take solid food like soups, chicken broth but don’t make them too spicy as it can worsen the situation.
  • The doctor may prescribe pain reliever like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for the baby in case of high fever.
  • Never give your baby aspirin for pain-relieving.
  • Before administration, always consult with doctors so they can prescribe the exact dosage according to the body weight of the baby.

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