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baby walking first steps

baby walking for the first time ever what a joy to see. So you may be asking as a first time parent when do babies walk? Do babies crawl bum shuffle or do they go straight to walking and miss these out ? Well every child is different. And as a matter of fact mums do compare one baby to another. Its always been done as they are so proud to show off what their baby can do now and what they are beginning to do ?

baby walking

how does a baby learn to walk

Funnily enough by playing on something simples such as a kick and play blanket . Using leg muscles is the first steps to learning to walk. Next holding baby on your knee singing as baby bounces up and down. Developing strong leg strength to hold its own body weight up. When a baby starts to pull its self up with the furniture is the next process in learning to walk.

Play games such as Ta taking a toy from you watch as baby reaches out with a hand to take the toy. Whilst balancing with the other hand holding on to the couch or chair. Leaven a baby without socks on indoors. they use their big toes for balancing. wearing walking shoes at this stage is a no no as they will scrunch up the toes inside.

babies start to walk at 12 -18 months although don’t be surprised if you have a baby that walks for the first time at 10 months.

What happens next is they will balance and let go completely wobbling and sit to the floor on their bum with a bump after a few seconds. If you help them up it will seem like a game to them . They will love your positive reaction gaining confidence in the process. Watch their little feet grab onto the floor as they regain their balance and stance.

Once they are confident for standing for more than a few seconds you can encourage those first steps coming sitting 1 foot away from you with an exciting toy that makes noise. They will hold their arms out in front of them to balance , This is normal. Gradually increasing the distance between you this is how a baby walking progresses.

In no time at all your baby walking will happen sooner than you think. You’ll find you have lock those kitchen cupboards once they can walk unaided.

when do premature babies walk?

premature babies will be delayed in their development depending how many weeks early they were delivered at. For instance born at 30 weeks means walking can be delayed by 10 weeks. My own granddaughter born at 36 weeks walked at 10 months. Therefore every baby is different.

baby walking babies

pre baby walking steps

Todays blog post is all about a baby walking and what you can expect in taking those first vital steps. In this day and age what we see more is parents putting matching outfits on. In turn putting shoes on in the same colour. nothing wrong in that you may think unless they are walking shoes that a non walking baby wears instead of pram shoes.

pram shoes verses walking shoes for babies

baby walking shoes
Ultrasound picture of baby in photo frame and children shoes on table

pram shoes feel soft and are made with a soft soled bottom. Designed for just that wearing in the pram over socks. They aren’t made for walking outdoors on a hard ground. pram shoes sizes start at a size 0,1,2 – 3 or 4. They also can be found in newborn 0-3 3-6m 6-9 month or 6-12month sizes.

walking shoes are designed for when babies walk easily unaided. Walking shoes for babies have a hard sole. they shoe sonly be worn baby walking babies that do not need assistance taking first steps. in the Uk they are only a few brands that specialise in children’s first walking shoes.

Startright early days, kickers and Clarks. Put to the test Clarks do make the best first shoes for babies. They are expensive They are less harsh in the hardness fabrics of walking shoes. Early days tend to make patent shiny first shoes.

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