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baby walkers safety

baby walker and the ear piercing scream a mum will never forget. Todays blog post looks at how a simple accident with a baby walker will live with the parents forever. and which baby walker if any should you buy for a baby.

baby walkers

baby walker when to buy your baby one?

should you buy a baby walker at all or is there an alternative you can use in the year 2021 and onwards. so when is the best time to choose a baby walker as a new parent. As a pregnant mum -to-be or when they are newborn ? is this a necessary when you are going to buy the essentials for a new baby . or is it Something can can be bought later. Well if money is tight order one later in fact at least until your little baby is pulling them selves to a standing position.

baby walkers safety and dangers

baby walker standing

If you are definitely wanting to order a baby walker for an infant that is now standing up with the furniture, then this is now the best time to do so. There are a few types to select from but are some more dangerous than others ? and what safety issues should you consider when purchasing one. next you also need to look at the other dangers in your home in a par with ordering this new walker.

consider these safety issues when getting a baby walker. A slippy floor due to floor type. wearing socks on a laminate floor, its much safer to remove socks if a baby is going to be sitting in a walker . make sure safety gates are put at door entrances when a baby is using the sit in type baby walker. They can very quickly zoom across the floor and go out through another door and into another room unseen.

The most dangerous episode which I have experienced first hand is a baby sitting in a baby walker in the kitchen area whilst mum putting washing in the machine , next thing the back door being open and baby sliding along the floor in an instance right up to the door way. tipping up and going head first on to hard concrete. In that instant this accident could have had disastrous consequences. Not only a fractured skull, a head cut open with blood everywhere. but what is baby had a brain bleed and resulted in a death.

Its this type of accident you want to prevent isn’t it ?

push and pull or a sit in baby walker

next the sit in type of baby walkers can be lowered or raised at the seat area. this is advantageous as baby’s legs become stronger and as baby grows. it has a tray at the front sometimes with toys attached. Often used as a play area for baby to sit and play in, to bounce up and down building stronger leg muscles. Plus to move along the floor. Disadvantage it isn’t really building a strong back to aid walking. recommended 4/10

baby walker wooden

An old favourite is the push along wooden walker with 4 wheels. Filled with wooden bricks this walker builds strong back strength compared to the sit in type. The baby stands up holding onto the handle. Following behind your baby as they stand up for the first time with it. Babies tend to sit back on their bum after learning how to move forward a few steps. This is a more robust baby walker to pick from. plus the bricks cab be used as a toy for many years ahead. recommended 10/10

Finally what about a stand up and play type. made from plastic with four wheels and a smaller handle on top. babies hands are closer together with this one so its like they are clinging on to balance it. although its quite sturdy with lots of activity toys on the front. its mainly used to help a child to stand up . recommended only as a toy so we rate this type 6/10. for amusement. so if you decide to pick one think safety first thankyou. please share this blog if you found it useful .

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