baby songs 25 awesome i’m loving it

baby songs
baby songs

baby songs for little ones under 2 which ones are a big hit ? ones going round on the internet show up on social media. As a result many turn out to be a big hit. baby shark song and ladbaby sausage roll songs.Are just a couple lad baby in fact had 2 number one hits was mind blowing with babies children and even adults ( including me hahaha)

heres a video of the baby song called baby shark

catchy baby songs like this are a hit because of the way social media works in sharing them worldwide. then people play them over and over and you get addicted to them as a family.

baby songs and baby development

baby songs on you tube

Baby’s learn through play. in order for a baby to learn it has to have stimulation in the 6 areas of learning. physical intellectual emotional, personal social and language.

when it comes to language repetition of simple songs listening to music visual actions all help a baby to reach the next developmental milestones.

here is a list of 15 baby songs that your could do with your baby to keep them stimulated and able to learn through playing along with you.

  1. he’s got the whole world in his hands,
  2. I love you, you love me
  3. baa , baa black sheep
  4. wind the bobbin up
  5. twinkle, twinkle little star
  6. Mary had a little lamb
  7. 5 current buns in a bakers shop
  8. tommy thumb
  9. 12345 once I caught a fish alive
  10. round and round the garden like a teddy bear
  11. horsey , horsey don’t you stop
  12. old MacDonald had a farm
  13. when goldilocks went to the house of the bear
  14. 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
  15. miss Polly had a dolly who was sick ,sick, sick

singing lullaby baby songs at bedtime

you may be wondering when is the best time to sing songs with your baby ? bedtime is a good place to start. Next if you don’t feel you can sing you can always pop your mobile phone on a you tube video to play lullaby songs in the background. Watch your baby drift off to sleep easily if you play them regular as part of a bedtime routine. here are some lullaby songs you can sing along to . mine don’t you cry (song from Dumbo cartoon version) 2. lullaby song by Pedro the lion (great for difficult sleepers) 3.lullaby song by Leonard Cohen. 4. Brahms lullaby 5. stay awake from movie Mary popping’s. (Julie Andrews)

nursery rhyme songs for babies

baby songs lullaby

nursery rhyme baby songs

what is the difference between singing a nursery rhyme or a baby song? Nursery rhymes are often sung from generation to generation passed down from granny to mum and to other children. often sung at nursery in the playground at school or by children outside playing. many have been recorded in a ladybird book . ladybird books are still going strong even in 2020. you can pick them up too in charity shops and your local library.

For the most part old nursery rhymes wording as been change dover the years to reflect “political correctness”. each one was written to reflect what was going on in times past such as the black death, the queen of England chopping off heads, reflected morals and nonsense songs.

ring a ring a roses, diddle, diddle dumpling, oranges and lemons, I had a little nut tree, the queen of hearts she made some tarts, pop goes the weasel.

great baby songs that drive mum crazy

one song that a 4 year old wants to play over and over again is “Johnny Johnny, yes papa”. In fact on social media other mums knew instantly the whole words which was quite funny. so it looks like we are not the one that its driving us crazy. here it enjoy …

links to baby songs you tube has some great ones to watch and sing along to.

list nursery rhymes and their history more articles on babies on the home page under articles at cheekychumsonline

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