baby shower seriously the best in 2020

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baby shower looming because you have decided you are going to have one yourself ? Do you want to know a secret?. Discover how to plan the most spectacular baby shower ever? and its all here in this blog post

baby shower never seen before plans for best day ever

baby shower in the distance? Want to have the best day ever? Do you want all your besties to attend ? then look no further all you need to plan your big day is here. No need to worry about it copying of your friends. This is a unique baby shower party that’s custom made.created just for you and your baby. Smiles all round when you send out the invites as everyone will just love to celebrate with you on your special day.

baby shower invites do they come first?

no never send out invites first. write this plan on paper then you wont go wrong. Here are 5 tips to making a start. 1.who is going to be the organiser on the day. This person will give out instructions to other helpers. because you want the day to run smoothly don’t you. 2. who will help you run it friends family .p.s its usually no men allowed. 3. where will it be held along with times and costings. 4. who will pay for it? 5.what will the guest do at your baby shower ? drink tea have nibbles then go home. play games the more that goes on the more enjoyable it will be for everyone.

gifts are often given at a baby shower for the new baby

you may want to pick a theme before you start ordering invites. some examples could be toys, teddy bears, bunnies, babies, zoo animals to name but a few. decorating the room if cost isn’t an issue call in the experts. balloons can decorate a large table with decorations galore that fill the room. or cheaper you can buy pound shop balloons and blow them up your self.

baby shower ideas that wow you

On shoe string budget use a white table cloth made from paper can be bought on a roll to cover buffet table. Alternative use line table clothes to add a splash of colour to the event. try to buy the most affordable table centre piece that you can a cake hand made is a perfect addition.

baby shower games with bouts of laughter

what baby shower games would you like to see at your big event? what about guess the film…here are our top 5 you may like to use..

1. a great icebreaker you mime a famous film that involves babies such as three men and a baby, baby’s day out, baby boss. can you think of any more you might add, its non intrusive this first game so gently lets your guest relax and laugh. Before the funnier ones start.

2. Guess the baby food ? mash some pureed veg and see who can guess what it is. blind folded no cheating.

3. you need at least 3 people for this game to take part.using a baby bottle with a teat you fill it up with milk and with hands behind the back the winner is the who finishes it first by just sucking it. you can use a scarf to tie their hands together.

4.pass the parcel In between the prizes which have to be baby related for example a baby’s dummy, a nappy ,a tin baby food etc put in a task on pieces of paper the task have to be funny such as sings nursery rhyme, sing a baby song, or name 5 items you find in a baby nappy bag.

5.split into two teams and you need a quiz master the game is baby related answering questions all about babies under 2. the winner gets packets of teddy bear gummies sweets as a prize.

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