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baby preemie and what does it mean?

baby preemie

baby preemie is also known as a baby born due to a premature birth, which means a baby born more than three weeks before the estimated delivery date. Having a baby preemie can be extremely stressful because most parents are not prepared for this possibility. Besides an early birth or extra anxiety, premature babies need to be taken to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for care until they recover. An incubator protects the preemie from allergens, infection, or excessive light or night levels that can cause harm. In this article, we’ll discuss the baby preemie and what does a preemie baby need?

What Does a Preemie Baby Need?

Preemie Baby Care Needs

Preemie babies need a little more care than other healthy babies get. This includes:

  • Preterm babies need extra warmth and support for feeding.
  • Babies who have infections need antibiotics treatment.
  • If premature babies have a problem in-breath, then they need basic newborn resuscitation. However, if the breathing problem keeps going, they need extra oxygen and additional support from a ventilator.
  • Baby preemie with additional complications may need to be kept in neonatal intensive care.

baby preemie clothes worn in incubators 

The day when you can start dressing your little one is one of the best successful NICU milestones. Finding the best clothes for preemie baby that they wear in an incubator is very easy. You can find preemie size clothes on websites and stores but keep in mind one thing not all clothes will be perfectly fit for every premature baby. Furthermore, a baby’s condition, size, and medical tools play an important role to choose what preemie clothes he or she can wear.

baby preemie  clothes that you can buy are:

Hats: Hats are the most important in the NICU, even for very sick or small preemies. Covering the head helps babies keep warm, and premature baby hats are easy crocheting or knitting projects.

Booties: Booties are another most important preemie cloth; although it might be difficult to keep booties on little feet, they are cute and can be worn by preemie babies even though they are too small with complex medical conditions.

Sleepers: Long sleeves and feet with one-piece pyjamas are perfect for babies who are transitioning from a warm incubator to an open crib. Sleepers are very comfortable to wear and convenient to use when they snap up the front because between the snaps, monitor cords can be threaded out, while zipper sleepers are difficult to work with.

Babysuits: Babysuits are perfect for Preemie babies whose skin is fully developed and free of umbilical lines. However, stretchy cotton is the best choice for premature babies.

Diaper Covers: Even the sickest and smallest NICU patients can wear a colourful cover over the diaper.


Preemie babies have delicate respiratory systems and sensitive skin, so it’s very important to protect them from infections, excessive light, harsh chemicals, or strong odors because they may affect their health or cause allergic reactions. NICU stay can be hard for both parents and baby, but it’s also rewarding for all preterm parents to watch their little one grow stronger each day.

Do all preemie babies stay in the Nicu ? no depending on their health needs determines which specialist care they need. One premature baby born at 30 weeks may need to be in NICU on the day of its birth. Next the nurses find he or she needs going down a level because they can then breathe with out the full breathing aid and swap over to cpap. the next day they could then be moved to the HDU as it no longer needs that ventilator to breathe. in turn one step closer to going home

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