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baby names in 2021

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baby names research is key

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The birth of a baby is the most joyful time in a parent’s life. But with the birth comes naming your little one. In England and Wales, the law states that you have 42 days to register the name of your little one after the birth. So, it is good to do a little research beforehand to help you name your baby. Because after all, it’s the biggest decision of your baby’s life.

Since you have a whole plethora of babynames , finding the perfect name for your little one can be very challenging. You don’t have to worry anymore! Since I will guide you and walk you along to help you choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

shall we match an other name for picking out our baby names

For naming your baby, try not to pick a very close name or rhymes with your surname. Rather, go for a name that has a ring to it and goes well with your surname. Secondly, you also need to check if your baby name’s initials don’t spell any inconvenient words. If you have other kids, you can also see if the name goes along with your other children’s names.

how to decide on baby names for your child

To help you decide the best name for your baby, we have carried out some research and come up with the most popular and unique names that parents in the UK will love. So lets us take a look at the top ten names that we fell in love with;

  1. Archie – means “truly brave.” It has become a trendy name ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their son.
  1. Daisy – It is a trendy girl’s baby name that comes from a flower’s name meaning “day’s eye.”
  1. Cayden – in Arabic, means a companion and friend. While in English, it means warrior fighter or spirit of battle. Though it is a popular boy’s name, it is fairly common in girls too.
  1. Abigail – is a girl’s name meaning joyful father.
  1. Cressida – is a Greek word and a British girl’s name for “Gold.”
  1. Lennon – Means lover in Irish is a common name for both girls and boys.
  1. Ellis – is a unisex name that means “benevolent.”
  1. Kenzie – is a unisex name meaning “the fair one.”
  1. Brody – is a name of Scottish origin, meaning “broad eye or broad island”.
  1. Finlay – is a word of Scottish/ Irish origin meaning “fair-haired hero” and a trendy unisex name.
when you can choose any baby names

Normally, in the UK, you get the freedom to name your baby whatever you like, unlike so many places worldwide. Also, parents face no restrictions when it comes to naming their baby in the UK. But, in those cases where the name you pick for your little one seems offensive, the officials have the authority to refuse to register the name.

Parents searching for unique and unusual names make the mistake of naming their little ones with a tough name. Difficult pronunciation can cause a lot of confusion in years to come as your child will have to keep on correcting everyone to call out his/her name the right way.

You can even spend time and get to know your little one first, then name him/her accordingly as well. After all, the name of your baby will have a great impact on the life of your little one. You and your partner both must be on common ground when naming your little one. You can even make a list of the names that you both love. This list can be of great help when picking the final name for your baby.

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