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baby name decisions decisions ? so if you are expecting a child in 2022 or 2023 what name suggestions do you think are popular this year round ? and why do you think people are going these choices nowadays. in todays blog we look at getting a babies name right so they cope when they are older if they are bullied by it .

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so what do you think influences name choices now compared to years ago ? Is it peer pressure ? Is it a favourite T.V character that you love to watch ? Is it you that gives the final word no matter what others say. Especially in response to what you picked? At the end of the day what is written on the birth certificate after he or she is born goes doesn’t it ?

Who is going to have the final say on what name to use ? do not feel pressure from anyone other than the mother and father of the child. Its good to get ideas from those around you but the added pressure to use one handed down for many generations can put a strain on a relationship. You cannot please everyone some will like it others wont. A suitable compromise to prevent arguments is use a suggestion as a middle name.

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Should children have more than one name ? If they do it does give them the option of using their second or third name later on . You may find they suit their second name more than their first. I know from experience i hated my name but only had one given to me so I was stuck with it . Sometimes you can have a nickname and go by that but if its one that you get bullied by then you don’t have that option.

Last year for instance Prince Eugene had a boy and called him Autumn. With a name such as controversial using the weather will he too get bullied years later. You cant argue the fact that its certainly modern baby names. Or one to set a new trend by. He also goes by the other names his parents chose for him being Philip Hawke Brooksbank. After his royal great grandfather Prince Philip.

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what baby name ideas are trending now lets take a look… baby names that have a meaning top stars had this to say about why they picked these for their family. Moniker because it had meaning to it for my grandmother. Winnie after a beautiful lake. Back in 2021 trending names consisted of super heroes and mythological creatures. With so many films out no wonder there are so many popular names to select from . Especially if a a top film made an impact on you. Who wouldn’t want a strong baby boy grow up to be like the character Thor. Or like Superman with power behind him.

modern traditional or an old fashioned baby name

Old names are become more fresher now giving a lady name more of a baby name appearance . Oh she’s adorable when given the name Amelia or Eleanor. Plus other top vintage names for girls include Pearl, Ruth, June and Harriet.

Selecting vintage boys names used often include Benjamn, Lucas, William, Alexander, Henry, Jack, Samuel and Leo.

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So if you like to follow the latest pregnant celebrity. who is due to have their baby in 2022 or 2023 ? lets take a further look Twilight actress ASHLEY GREEN ,ALEC BALDWIN with his wife. SOPHIE TURNER , Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato. Nicki Hilton and James Rothschild. Plus Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Tarantino Following these couples may give you fresher baby name ideas for your own little one.

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