baby mozart music 20 weeks pregnant soothing the soul

baby mozart sleeping soundly

baby mozart music does it really soothe the soul ?. when you are pregnant especially if you are constantly surrounding yourself in stressful situations How does stress effect you? it can effect your health and that of your baby.

baby mozart in pregnancy
baby mozart in pregnancy

music in pregnancy good for mums health and that of her baby

your blood pressure can go up develop stomach ulcers and also suffer from depression. So how much so will the growth of your baby inside you be also effected by it. there is a famous quote that “music soothes the soul”. researchers found that classical music helped women cope with stress and helped them to relax. baby mozart is classical tunes soothing music.

when a mum sings to help baby whilst pregnant the baby recognises the tune when just born and mums found their baby’s settled better just by singing that same tune to them. music indeed is good for the body mind and the soul.

Usually, all parents want the best for their child even before that child is born. It’s human nature. But in trying to supply your baby to be with the best, it is important to keep some perspective and keep your motives in mind before switching on baby mozart. The fetus’s ability to hear starts to develop during the second trimester.

baby mozart listening to classic music

The ‘mozart effect’ for baby

The thought that playing classical music to your bump made your child more intelligent became popular in the late 1990s, spawning an industry that sold brain developing music to pregnant mums. But the reality is that there is little proof it will make your offspring any brighter. The celebrity springs from psychologist Frances Rauscher’s study into American college students, where she found a relationship between IQ and listening to baby mozart.

Although baby mozart may not make your infant any smarter, it will make their brain active. Babies in the womb have shown improved brain activity when exposed to music. when music runs in the family playing it when pregnant has a positive effect on your developing baby and after birth too.

mozart classical music for babies positively impacting your baby’s health

Listening to music, such as classical music, like baby mozart will prove to be good for your baby’s language development. This is because babies or young children who listen to such kinds of soothing music, nursery songs and lullabies on a regular basis evolve better memory skills. Good memory skills help in improving a baby’s language skills. they also sleep better too when they have been around soothing or classical music at night time

Classical music and songs have soothing tunes and music. Such kind of music has a soothing and calming effect on your baby. A baby who feels calm and happy does better in terms of development and growth. Proper development and growth mean improved overall health.

Mozart and the brain

Despite a lack of evidence that mozart creates cleverer babies, interesting studies have shown that Mozart may have an important role to play in brain development before birth. European research in 2013, for example, showed that exposing an unborn baby to music or Mozart had a long-term effect on their brain. They found that newborn babies could think of a version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ played to them in the womb and reacted differently when alternative versions were played. These memories formed before they were born, lasted until they were four months old.

Soothing music may encourage premature babies to feed.

Some other studies have shown that babies are born with the innate ability to detect musical beats. And even more importantly, some research suggests that soothing music may motivate premature babies to feed, and could boost their vital signs like heart rate and O2 saturation levels.

As an interesting aside, a study from 2014 shows that pregnant women are more sensitive to music than those who aren’t pregnant, showing an increase in blood pressure in response.

Three benefits of singing a Mozart to your baby:
  • Mozart is scientifically proven to lull babies to sleep
  • Mozart stimulate language and cognitive development
  • Mozarts can strengthen the emotional bond between a parent and child

Some professionals suggest parents repeat a song while their baby is still in the uterus to familiarize the child with a tune before birth. This would help the newborn relax and ease him or her to sleep.

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