baby milestones awesome aged 0 – 1 year

baby milestones

baby milestones step by step during the first year

baby milestones 0-1y

baby milestones during the first year after birth. Giving birth to a healthy baby after a tiresome gestation period of 40 weeks is an appraisable thing for a mother. But the job is not finished here as a new journey begins for parents after the baby’s birth, called Parenthood. The first year after birth is very crucial as the baby undergoes a lot of developmental changes. Not only the growth, but the baby is also going to learn a lot of incredible things which is a blessed experience for parents.

For their ease, pediatricians have correlated the different tasks with different months to mark them as standard criteria. These criteria are referred to as baby milestones and pediatricians use these criteria for the assessment of the baby’s mental and physical growth. As different babies have different health conditions at the time of birth, the speed of learning is also variable in babies. But if you think that your baby is showing very slow progress in achieving these milestones, immediately consult with your pediatrician.

baby milestone divisions

The healthcare systems of different countries classify baby milestones on either a monthly or 3-month basis. In the National Health Care System (NHS) of the UK, pediatricians prefer the tri-month basis division of baby milestones for assessment of baby’s health. In this article, we are going to discuss what milestones are included in what age period of a baby.

baby milestones 6-12m

0-3 Month baby milestones what’s next ?

The First 3 months of a newborn baby is all about eating, sleeping, shitting and crying. Of course, sleeping and crying for hours is not a good sign and parents should consult with a health care professional. Apart from that, babies love to sleep during this phase as they are passing through a lot of developmental changes. Other than that, the skills which your baby can achieve during the first three months baby milestones that are achievable include:

  • Babies start to turn their sides.
  • Babies start to raise their heads when lying on their tummies.
  • Babies start to respond to sound and light.
  • In 2nd month, most babies start to concentrate on their faces.
  • Babies start to give responsive smiling, and if you are lucky enough you can hear gurgling sounds too.
  • Most of the babies get control of their body movements.
  • Some babies are healthy enough to bear their weight on the legs or can raise their waist and shoulder for a short duration. Others start to do that in 4-6 months period.
baby milestones in first year
4-6 Month baby milestones

The first three months of the baby after birth is the hardest period to do parenting. In the next phase of their life, the baby starts to show the cool sides of their personalities. They start to learn cool things, produce non-verbal sounds. The skills baby learn in these baby milestones can includes:

  • Babies start to comprehend your talk and actions and grin a lot on actions like tickling, silly faces etc.
  • Babies start to try to grasp things in their hands.
  • Babies start to produce distinct sounds. They also learn to imitate sounds like “mama, baba, dada” etc in this phase.
  • Babies start rolling over their tummies.
  • Teething in most babies starts.
  • Some babies start to sit for a short duration.
  • Babies also start to like solid food.
7-9 Month baby milestones

In this phase, babies start to learn advanced skills, master the previous skills and show more coordination in body movements. The skills learned by babies in this phase include:

  • Babies start to crawl.
  • Babies start to produce mono or di-syllabic sounds.
  • Babies start to sitting properly without any support.
  • Babies start to stand while holding some object.
  • Babies learn to pincer-grasp, passing and throwing different things.
  • Starts to hold a spoon while feeding.

10-12 Month Baby Milestone

This phase of the baby’s life is referred to as the “mobile phase” as the baby shows a lot of movement in this phase. Skills learnt by babies in this phase include:

  • Babies crawl well, hold the things firmly in this phase.
  • Babies try to respond when someone called their names.
  • Babies do “Bye-Bye gesture.
  • Babies start to stand and take few steps without any support.
  • Babies start to imitate elders’ movements.
  • Start to respond phrasal sounds like “Come here! Don’t do that!” etc.

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