baby loss awareness honesty in 2021

baby loss awareness card

baby loss awareness month is here again as its held every year now. You may never have heard of it before but parents feel talking about their baby or lighting a candle in memory of them helps. Especially in grieving and healing after the loss of their precious child. Baby loss is called a taboo subject because people in general feel its a difficult subject to talk about. With lots of online support groups available now compared to years ago families feel its a day to remember all babies gone too soon.

baby loss awareness is held in October every year

baby loss awareness day

baby loss awareness week started way back. In fact 19 years ago by a group of bereaved parents. Introducing a wave of light. a special day held on the 15th October were people light a candle in remembrance of the baby that sadly died. In the early days this event was quite quiet with only a few members of the public taking part. Now you only have to go on facebook to see pictures of precious little ones that sadly died or candle gifs in honour of this event. Or to hear about baby loss on the local news this week as its talked about more freely.

miscarriage and baby loss awareness

The hardest thing you can ever imagine about baby loss is that some people don’t class a miscarriage as a death of a baby. Its often said oh its only a clump of cells at 20 weeks. yet as a business we provide full outfits for babies born sleeping at this many weeks of pregnancy. Ignorance is no excuse. Especially as a baby has arms legs face fingers toes even by the 12th week of being pregnant.

baby loss awareness how a charity really helps

A baby loss charity can really help families after the death of a child. There are lots out there to be found. Each one set up usually by a bereaved family member so others do not have to go through it unsupported. In fact there are memory bears where if a mother ordered baby outfits in newborn and never got used these are transformed into teddybears in memory of their baby.

Next Sands charities are opening worldwide that that offers emotional support, plus a place to meet up with other parents in the same position to share experiences with a ray of hope. The loss of a baby is the most devastating of losses that can be too hard to cope with. many parents don’t even know how to get up the next day. Sands is a valuable service much needed.

stillborn baby loss awareness
baby loss  awareness year

A stillborn baby loss is one of the hardest to comprehend. A mum to be carries her baby to full term then for it to result in a stillborn birth. It could be due to a cord accident a placenta issue or a difficult delivery or neglect by a hospital. For the cause of death but often parents don’t always get a full answer why their baby died.

going forward after baby loss awareness

Going forward after the loss of a baby can be difficult. a lot of mums and dads find different ways to cope and get through each day. here are 5 ways to help you move forward.

WRITING… You could write a book. sharing is caring. Passing on vital experience on bereavement that other families could feel connected to if they too experience such a tragedy.. writing poems expressing your feelings even negative ones. Write your baby letters and keep them in their memory box. Write a song and have music put to it. one family did, it became so popular its played a lot at baby funerals. For example ” I will carry you “.Write in a diary or on scraps of paper then throw them away, its a way to get your feelings on paper that only you can see.

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