baby in womb amazing how i grow 20-40 weeks

baby in womb

baby In womb how do I grow?

Your baby’s development in the womb is an amazing process. Pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks, beginning with the first day of the mother’s last menstrual cycle. During journey of baby in womb, in first 20 weeks baby major organs are developed and in the remaining 20 weeks changes occur in the baby’s skin, senses, hair, and reproductive system. Therefore, we’ve prepared a week-by-week pregnancy timeline from twenty weeks onwards. However, remember that different pregnancies progress at various rates.

baby in womb in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a baby in womb undergoes different physical changes.

Week 20

Your baby’s fast development slows down slightly at this point. By week 20, a baby is around 18 centimeters in length from head to buttock and is half the length the baby will be at birth (1). Legs are now fully developed according to body size, and fingernails are completely grown. Faint brows can be seen. Moreover, during this pregnancy stage, you will feel the movement of the baby a lot of times, particularly when you lie down on the bed.

Week 24

baby in womb by 24 weeks. The organs of the baby are completely developed. However, the eyes are more prominent due to the fact that fat pads have not yet developed in the cheeks of the baby. The eyelids remain fused until weeks 25–26 after that baby opens his/her eyes (2). The baby’s skin is thin, red, full of wrinkles and has a little subcutaneous fat. The epidermis is protected by a waxy substance called vernix as it floats in the uterus. Although the body musculature is quite developed, however, the body can be still slender. By the end of this week, the hearing sense of the baby completely develops; the baby now responds to any noise.

Week 28

baby in womb at 28 weeks. Lanugo hair nearly disappears and hair can be seen on the head. Additionally, fat accumulates beneath the skin.

Week 30-week 36 baby in womb growth in 3rd trimester

baby in womb full term

Your baby is growing in size. Toenails appear at 30 weeks, and fingernails reach the ends of the fingers at 32 weeks. When the baby is awake, his or her eyes will be open. By around 32 weeks, the baby’s head will be directed in a downward position due to the lack of available space in the womb for the baby to move freely (3). Furthermore, sometimes, you will feel strong jabs on the baby’s legs and arms. Around the eighth month, male baby’s testes will move down into the scrotum.

Week 36-week40

Between 36 and 40 weeks, the head of the baby will lie directly on top of the mother’s cervix. The lanugo hair that previously covered the baby’s body will largely vanish; however, some hair may linger in front of the ears, low on the forehead, and down the center of the back.


According to research published in UK journal, when a baby reaches full-term, the baby in womb should weigh between 2.7 and 3.5 kilograms, but variations can occur the baby may weigh between 2.5 and 5 kg, and measure 44 to 55 centimeters from head to toes and 35 to 38 centimeters from head to buttocks (4). However, these are typical numbers, and measurements might vary widely. Thus, thirty-eight weeks after conception, a baby’s body systems and organs are prepared for the crucial moment of birth.


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