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baby funeral clothes for a baby that sadly died at less than 23 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, not every pregnancy has a happy ending. In the UK, about 17 babies die shortly after birth or are born asleep every day. Losing a little infant is never easy for every parent. Taking steps for your stillborn baby funeral plan is one of the most traumatic things for any parent. Although this is a too painful and challenging time, on the other hand, it’s very important to understand how to choose funeral clothes for babies and how you can give your baby an honourable and respectable farewell.

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How Do You Pick baby funeral clothes for tiny babies?

Many hospitals offer baby funerals; some hospitals charge a small fee, while some only arrange funerals for babies born dead, so you can arrange your baby’s last rites by the hospital. If you want to keep it secret,or more private then you can arrange the funeral yourself. You can also deal with a funeral director. You can choose what your baby wears in their coffin.

Buying baby funeral clothes for tiny babies can be a very trying and emotional task. The baby funeral clothes, such as gowns, are made for both girls and boys and usually come in white colours and various sizes, patterns, and styles. Sometimes these are provided for by charities. But you can decide on real baby clothes in cute prints instead. Ordering from the uk’s baby Bereavement specialist Heaven and Hope. they have two websites one that specializes in just tiny baby burial wear and a premature baby clothes superstore with a bereavement clothing department. This has a slightly smaller selection to pick from. sizes start from 16 weeks pregnant for full outfit.

You can choose baby funeral clothes depending on the age of the baby. The regular size gowns are easily fit into older infants, and if the baby dies before birth, you will need small size clothes, but that size clothes are specially designed.

Some hospitals stock tiny clothes that they will give you if you want for premature babies or very small infants. However, you can get some special clothes for home moreover, if you like, you can also wrap your little baby in a special blanket.

How to make your baby funeral so Honorable and Respectable ?

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You can arrange the farewell ceremony of your little baby, do prayers, religious wishes, and non-religious events with singing and poetry.

Here are some things that you can Arrange In baby funeral Ceremonies:

  • Lighting candles
  • Bio-degradable balloon release
  • Releasing butterflies or doves
  • Playing special music
  • Avoid wearing black and asking guests to wear white or bright colour instead
  • Say friends and family to write letters to place in the coffin
  • Taking the pictures of the ceremony can also be put in a memory box later.

Final Words

After the loss of a premature baby or infant, the decisions that you make are some of the hardest you’ll ever encounter. It’s important to keep patience and realize that you’re not alone; your family member and friends are still there with you. No parent wants to plan their baby’s funeral, but this is the truth that we can never neglect. No matter how brief, every life is worthy of a funeral. However, no matter how you’d like to say your goodbyes, different organizations are available that help those parents who don’t bear the cost of a funeral. Click here for more about baby funeral plans

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