baby development panicking is my child is behind at 6 months old

baby development

baby development 0-1 year old

How time flies quickly, your infant is a toddler. With the first stage of baby development, your child has already grown and learned so much because, with this stage, he found freedom. If your baby isn’t walking yet, then don’t worry he or she will be walking soon. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the milestones that might be coming up around this stage of development.

baby development 2 months

baby development Milestones what are they

Two Months

The baby first two months, you can expect your child to be able to do the following thing:

baby development physical skills

  • The child will be able to turn their head to the side
  • Follow any person or object with both eyes.
  • Whilst laying on the back, baby waves legs, arms, and wiggles.
  • When you place a toy in their hand, they briefly hold


  • Make cooing sounds such as ‘ooo’, ‘gah’, ‘goo’, ‘aaah’
  • When you spoke with him, the baby will be a smile
  • They make sounds back to you when you talk with your baby
  • Cries when hungry, tired, wet, or wants to be held.
  • The child maintain eye to eye contact
  • They turn to voices.

Four Months

Your child able to do the following things at around four months:


  • The child will hold their head by themselves when they in a sitting position.
  • They start to reach out to nearby toys.
  • Baby cut the first tooth
  • They hold a toy in their hand firmly and attempt to chew it while waving.


  • The child smiles or makes sounds like’ coo’ in front of a mirror.
  • They will be able to laugh or chuckle softly
  • The baby will get excited or smile when you have been out of sight or see.
  • When looking at people or toys, they will make sounds.
baby development 6 months old
baby development at Six Month old

Your child should be able to do the following things at around six months:


  • Your baby will start rolling from back to tummy
  • Your baby will start sitting with the help of support
  • Baby will start trying to crawl or at least crawling position
  • Will start picking small objects with the help of their thumbs and fingers
  • Will start picking small toys with hands and pass to other hand
  • While laying down, the baby will play with their feet


  • Baby will make a sound like ga, da, ka, etc
  • Start squeals and will try to laugh
  • Baby will hold hand to be lifted up
  • Baby will start liking to see mirror and to see himself

Nine Month

Your child able to do the following things at around nine months:


  • Baby will sit without support
  • Baby will get into sitting positions while laying down without any kind of support
  • With the help of stand or support will put the weight of his own onto the feet
  • Baby may or may not crawl
  • Baby will roll over in both ways


  • Baby will start copying simple sounds after listening from parents or external sources
  • Most probably, babies start making a sound like a papa or a mama
  • Baby will respond when you will say give me or put it
  • Start liking a specific toy
12 months old baby development

Twelve Month old baby development

Your child able to do the following things at around twelve months:


  • Baby will sit firmly and gets into a sitting position all alone without any help
  • Will stand own feet with the help of support and can sit back again on its own
  • With the help of furniture, the baby can enjoy little walks
  • Baby will crawl easily in most the cases
  • If the baby is healthy will definitely stand alone
  • Baby can do little things like playing with colour books or turning pages
  • Can throw small objects
  • Baby can pick little most objects with finger and thumb at this age


  • Baby will start remembering and pointing towards objects
  • Baby will start recognizing and responding to his/her own name
  • Can hold his own hand or arm or leg while dressing or having a bath
  • Baby will start making more clearer sounds


The baby development growth rate in all babies is not the same, but we’ve provided complete information about 12-month baby development milestones as a rough guide. If your little baby doesn’t match this pattern, then don’t worry, on some things, they might be a few weeks ahead; however, if you realize your child has missed out on one of the most vital milestones, you should concern to your GP or health visitor.

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