baby crying it wont stop I’m fuming 1st child

baby crying wont stop

My baby Won’t Stop crying


baby crying non stop ? Have a fussy, cranky, colicky or upset Baby? There can be many reasons for a baby to cry, especially in the first several weeks. “So Why my baby crying?” It is a question that comes to arrive in every new parent’s mind. So, as an exhausted parent, if you worried about what you to do when your newborn doesn’t stop crying? This parental guide will help you identify the reasons for making your baby cry and how to relieve your baby’s crying.

What Are the Reasons Your baby crying gets you down?

p.s this is a strong note to teen mums. baby crying troubling you ? did you think babies sleep so soundly nearly all the time. So much so that being a parent for a1st child would be easy ? then think again. A baby needs you now for the next 16 -18 years at least . Your freedom to go clubbing or out alone when you want as ended. Your baby is your responsibility.

More grandparents are noticing a trend that young teen mums need more freedom and say the grandparents should be the one taking care of the kids. A the drop of a hat. But grandmothers are fighting back and saying no. They issue a strong view that grandparents can help out but occasionally ? what do you think.

Here are some ways a baby crying is trying to tell you what it wants

baby crying why
  1. baby crying due to being sleepy?

Sleep can be one of the main reasons for babies crying. Babies need a comfortable sleep, around 14 to 16 hours every day, and they need their parents to put them in a comfortable position. Your tiny infant might cry to let you know he is ready for a nap and sleep.

  1. Hunger

Babies are often crying due to hunger because they can’t use words to tell you when they hungry however need to eat frequently every couple of hours. At the onset of feeding, they stop crying, and at the end of the feeding, they are happy.

  1. Fed Too Much

A bloated stomach from overfeeding is another cause of babies’ cry. So, besides gas, overfeeding can cause discomfort and make the baby crying.

  1. Dirty Diaper

A dirty diaper can burn your baby soft skin and increase the risk of developing diaper rash. Therefore, keeping your baby’s bottom clean and sanitize is very important for the baby’s happiness.

  1. Clothing

Being too hot or cold can make a baby cry, so try to wear very comfortable and lightweight cloth for your baby.

  1. Pain (Serious)

Raw diaper rash, mouth ulcers, earache, or stomach pain are some painful causes for your babies. If your baby cries a lot, you need to see a child specialist to diagnose.

  1. Colic

During the early months, colic is the leading cause of baby crying. Of course, all the babies crying, but some babies crying more than 3 hours every day are called colic. Usually, colic starts when an infant is 2 to 5 weeks old and ends when your baby is 3 to 4 months old.

How To Relieve babies crying

  1. Calm Yourself

A crying newborn can be very frustrating for parents, so; it’s essential to take a few deep breaths to relax if you feel overwhelmed. If you’re stressed, your baby will know, so keep calm and quiet yourself first.

  1. Hold Baby Close

A close hug is significant for your baby because it can soothe your little one and feel secure and safe. Let your baby know you’re there, cuddle your baby, and rub their tummy or back.

  1. Baby Massage

Gradually massage your baby with rhythmic motions helps to soothe your infant and increase the bond with your little; at the same, it is a great treatment for colic.

  1. Go For A Walk

If your baby still won’t stop crying, taking him outside or going for a walk is another great idea. Remember to armour up with sun protection if you venture outside. Provide protective clothing and shade for under six months of babies when taking your infant outside the home.

  1. Talk, Sing, Coo, And Shush

To relieve your newborn crying, start singing poems, songs, or hums, talk softly to them, and make soft shh-ing noises. If your baby calms down after listening to your soft nose, then you will win the effort. Hurrah!


When your baby 4 months old, the crying spells will eventually slow down, and their crying time will be less than an hour per day. At that time, you will understand their cries and cues, so try to provide maximum comfort and fulfil their needs to keep the baby happy and healthy.

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