baby cough its so earsplitting baby is 1 yr

baby cough

Baby cough does it mean your child is ill ?

baby cough sickness

baby cough day or night starting when indoors or outdoors ? it can be a tell tale sign of what it is with just a few questions. Do you live in a built up industrial area ? or a nice peaceful rural setting. Is there a lot of outside factors that could tribute to the cause of a baby cough? todays blog post looks at a baby cough in some detail.

A Cough is a reflex that is present naturally to prevent the airways of the child from blocking. Most of the time cough is a response to the following:

  • To get rid of irritants like smoke, mucus, or dust from the chest or throat.
  • Infection, resulting in inflammation of the lungs or airways.

A cough is usually a sign that your baby is not comfortable or sick and having difficulty relaxing. Baby cough is the primary symptom of multiple illnesses. The most common cause of cough is the common cold but it can also be caused by other reasons like sinus infection, allergies, and asthma breathing issues.

You need to know the cause of the baby coughing so that you can treat it accordingly.

Is it normal for a baby to cough?

Cough is not dangerous most of the time. It is very common in babies however, not common in newborns. Usually, baby coughs in case of having a cold. It is a part of the cold. This happens because mucus dribbles down the back of the child’s throat.

Baby coughing during feeding, eating, and drinking without wheezing is not a problem if the baby is breathing normally. Although hearing your child’s cough is distressing but it helps to remove the mucus from the chest and throat.

When should I worry about my baby’s cough?

A baby cough can manifest multiple conditions so it should be taken seriously if your child is manifesting the following sign and symptoms

  • If coughing baby is under four months.
  • If it seems like he is having difficulty while breathing or breathing is more rapid.
  • If the child is wheezing.
  • If your baby is coughing yellow, blood-streaked, or green mucus.
  • If your baby is refusing to eat continuously.
  • If your baby is suffering from fever.
  • If your baby is having a chronic illness for example lung disease.
  • If the baby’s coughing is not getting better even after 2 weeks.

Is my baby’s cough serious?

The baby cough is serious if his cough represents the following types of coughs:

Barky cough:In barky cough, Baby cough is caused by upper airway swelling, larynx, and trachea. As the airway of the baby is comparatively smaller so it is easily compromised.

Whooping cough:It is caused by bacterial airway infection. In this case, the child has spells of cough without having breaks in between them. The child also makes a whopping sound after cough.

Wheezing cough:The baby makes wheezing sounds during exhalation due to lower airway swelling. It is common in babies with asthma or bronchitis.

Cough at night time:Sometimes baby’s cough gets severe in the night and it suggests asthma most of the time.

Persistent cough:If the baby cough persistently, it is suggestive of some viral infection. The condition is very serious if the baby is still coughing after three weeks.

What can I do about my baby’s cough?

  • You should keep your baby’s nasal passages clear.
  • A cool-mist humidifier can be used in the baby’s room to moisten his airways.
  • Increase the liquid intake of your child. Warm drinks can effectively reduce cough.
  • A spoon of honey should be given before sleep. It will decrease soreness.
  • Nasal saline drops prove helpful for babies especially before feeding them.

You should always consult your doctor before giving any sort of medicine to your child. If the baby cough does not seem to be normal you should go to a pediatrician for a baby’s checkup.

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