baby clothing wholesaler good stock

baby clothing wholesaler

baby clothing wholesaler UK stock is it any good for a new business? todays blog looks at setting up a new business selling baby clothing. Plus getting up and running to make it a great success.

baby clothing wholesaler babies

Good stock baby clothing wholesaler from England. Where can you buy babies outfits for a new business set up. Today we also answer your most frequently sought after answers. To put your mind at ease.

the best thing about buying from a baby clothing wholesaler local to you is you don’t have to wait weeks for your stock to arrive. Imagine buying from Taiwan. Its would take weeks for it to arrive wouldn’t it. There is nothing worse too than selling out of a popular tv character babies pyjamas for instance only to go back to order from an over seas wholesaler and its another 6 weeks before you can restock it.

baby clothing wholesaler for all you need to fill a babies set drawers

baby clothing wholesaler uk

another good thing from ordering your stock from the UK is they have all you need to dress a baby from top to toes. ordering a coat means you can also order hats to go with it. next you buy in packs so you aren’t stuck with buying 12 coats in one size. In fact the baby clothing wholesaler will sell you a mix pack of sizes to fit babies of all ages and sizes.

usually you get say 0-3 month 3-6 month and 6 -12 month in packs. So that’s really good for your customers. They can buy from you in the next size too. Keep them happy and they will come back time and time again to order just from you.

baby clothing wholesaler what else do they sell?

depending on supplies at the time you order means at certain times of the year you can purchase exciting new lines. look out at SPRING SUMMER AUTUMN WINTER . Gifts for a baby’s birthday like all the banners to decorate a first birthday a family would love to get it all in one place. Wholesalers also stock toys and items for the pram such as sun canopy’s, cosytoes, blankets etc. Parents would appreciate having them to hand as they buy for their first child.

baby clothing wholesaler is it cheap to buy from them?

baby clothing wholesaler Lancashire

Yes compared to years ago when you could buy direct from China they have put their prices up, so much so its cheaper to buy from the UK now. As you probably appreciate if you work direct with a factory you can negotiate the prices. But to set up as a new business you wouldn’t have the customers in large numbers just yet. buying from a factory means you have to order thousands at a time. so it would be in one colour one size and thats it. You would be stuck with such vast quantities as you are just setting up.

tips for selling for the first time

here are our top 3 tips to help you in your new business venture. 1. If you like an item buy it, if you are not sure leave it. No point wasting your money just because you see an item cheap. If you really love something so will some of your customers too.2. buy a mixed box if you can then reorder those that are a top seller. You use the money to go back and buy more. 3. Ask for free postage as a new customer the wholesaler can only say no cant they. It will then save you some extra money if they do.

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