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baby breathing monitor should you get one for home use?

baby breathing issues Dear Heaven and Hope my granddaughter will be coming home on Friday. She was born premature but will be going home at 37 weeks. When my babies were born i was so worried i was always looking in their crib to check they were still breathing. my daughter as had it rough in hospital with her being born premature at 30 weeks. I don’t want her to be as worried as I was shall I order here a baby monitor? if so which should i buy ?

If baby breathing issues happened in hospital they would not have said she can go home if they felt there would be issues or they could have also sent baby home with oxygen. Worrying about a baby not breathing once home is very common indeed. Its a mothers natural instinct to protect her baby. A baby monitor for breathing-monitoring can also be passed onto other family members in the future so it is a good idea of mum is on edge all the time.

There is a baby breathing monitor with an alarm that fits under the sheet of baby’s crib /cot. It goes off if baby doesn’t breath for 20 seconds. Prices start around £49.99. there is one that goes on the nappy and vibrates after 15 seconds if baby doesn’t move.

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baby breathing issues

There is a condition where a premature baby can have what’s known as apnea of prematurity . a baby breathing issue that premature babies can have. its where a baby can pause breaths for 15-20 seconds or less than 15 seconds with a low heart rate. Caused to the the central nervous system and the prematurity of baby’s organs. In a few weeks a baby will grow out of it as it catches up and it doesn’t return.

So in this instance a breathing mat is good for these tiny babies. Periodic breathing is similar for premature infants. a pause in breath that lasts a few seconds then its fast and shallow breaths but doesn’t cause a slow heart rate it can still cause a mother to be alarmed the first time she notices it.

In the first place a baby monitor when they were first introduced on the market alerted parents to a crying baby. Next with a two way radio signal one monitor was left next to the baby’s cot and the other left downstairs with the parents. In fact you could hear the baby crying and red lights signalled too. it was plugged into a plug socket. this was fine for years until technology progressed.

old verses new baby breathing monitors

As well as the newest baby breathing monitors, baby monitors now have progressed to have cameras attached. Gone are the days when you have to keep running upstairs to see if baby has wriggled under the blankets you can simply look at the camera. Some even connect to your mobile phone. new improved video monitoring system that can also be wireless. some sockets even use a usb to charge up instead of going direct into an electrical point.

In fact lots of day nurseries use these monitors to see the care they get by the staff round the clock. Especially whilst in their full day care settings. letting a stranger in to collect a child isn’t an issue with these type of cameras around.

how baby monitors have the use for years.

in years down the line when your babies are toddlers and children using a baby monitor is a good way to let them play as you do a household chore. Knowing they are safe is a priority these days. especially as they can get up to all kind of mischief. Then you can quickly see to them as you monitor them on camera.

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