baby born premature birth Anxious in 2021

born premature in neonatal unit

baby born premature anxious and stressed. How have these feelings come on all of a sudden. You wait for your baby born full term then your waters break early. in no time at all your baby has then been whisked away early after an imminent premature birth. the next few weeks your baby will be cared for in one of the special care baby units.

baby born premature birth

Coping with Negative Feelings after a baby born early

Giving birth to a baby is the most fascinating feeling. However, things tend to go awry. if your baby born prematurely because it not only shakes your confidence but also invites unwarranted feelings. The unending cycle of traumatized thoughts never stops haunting you, and you end up blaming yourself for everything that has gone wrong.

While it’s true that taking care of babies born premature is a big challenge, you can overcome the obstacles if you stay strong emotionally and believe that challenges never come without opportunities. Here, we have outlined some important ideas that will go a long way in enabling you to focus on positive aspects after the premature birth of your baby.

born premature

Get Close to Your Baby Born small

Your baby born might be undergoing a difficult phase, but a time will come when he is going to shine like a star. It is crucial to passionately take care of your baby so that you can tell him during his successes that you always stood by him like a rock. You can start by changing a nappy or feeding him gently. Doing so will not only give a sense of accomplishment but also make you realize that your nascent bud has finally grown into a full-blown flower. do not be alarmed that you could feel scared holding your small baby at first.

baby born a long term stay in SCBU

Looking at the birth baby born under abnormal circumstances can be distressing. However, you can fend off the rough patches quickly if you share your feelings with your dear ones. For instance, you should spend more one-to-one time with your partner as it will make you realize that you are not navigating the deep waters of premature birth on your own. Instead, you have a partner who will stay with you through thick and thin. especially if your baby has to spend a long time in a SCBU unit.

Accept Your Feelings

Accepting that something abnormal has happened is the first step towards warding off the negative thoughts. You would be surprised to know that about 11 to 13 percent of cases of pregnancies in the US end up in premature births. So, when the feeling of shock reaches its peak, you can soothe yourself by accepting that you are neither first nor the last person to have faced such a dilemma. You can also yell, cry, or sob if that works.

Talk to Your Doctor babies born early

Consulting a professional who is well-versed in the complexities of babies born premature can help you overcome the intense emotions. Since doctors deal with a number of patients in their career, they know how to cater to your unique needs and relieve the symptoms of anxiety. However, you should be open and upfront while sharing your problems as it will help the doctor better understand your predicaments.

Bottom Line after being born premature

One thing you must keep in mind is that feeling anxious and stressed after a baby is born premature is not unusual. We all have to endure difficult phases at some point in our lives. However, strong are the ones who brave the complications courageously and prepare for the upcoming challenges. So, stay strong, and rule your mind. Or else, it will rule you!

here are some support groups for parents of a baby born premature

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