Baby born at 35 weeks health issue worry ?

baby born at 35 weeks gestation
baby born at 35 weeks
Newborn baby born at 35 weeks being examined in delivery room by doctor

What are late-preterm babies and full-term babies?

Most pregnancies last about 40 weeks. Babies born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy are called full-term babies. Babies born between 34 and 36 full weeks of pregnancy are called late-preterm babies.

What are the causes of Baby born at 35 weeks?

The reason for the increase in late-preterm births in the present era is not understood well. But some hypothesis prevails. One hypothesis is that it may be attributable, in part, the use of reproductive technologies are amplified and, as a result, an increase in multifetal pregnancies. Another hypothesis is that developments in obstetric practice have led to an increase in surveillance and medical interventions during pregnancy. As a result, fetuses are at risk of stillbirth, including those with intrauterine growth restriction, fetal anomalies, and intrapartum asphyxia which may be identified earlier, which results in more deliveries at 34 to 36 weeks’ gestation.

new baby born at 35 weeks

List of health concerns related to Baby born at 35 weeks

⦁ Respiratory problems

⦁ Hypoglycemia

⦁ Poor thermoregulation

⦁ Feeding challenges

⦁ Jaundice

⦁ Sepsis

What Respiratory problems can happen to Baby born at 35 weeks?

Respiratory problems are a common complication Baby born at 35 weeks. Respiratory problems can be mild or severe that may include transient tachypnea of the newborn respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary hypertension. Therefore late-preterm babies need respiratory support.

Why Hypoglycemia is common in Baby born at 35 weeks?

Full-term babies very rarely suffer from low blood sugar in the hour after birth but, 6.8% of baby born at 35 weeks are hypoglycemic after delivery. Babies who are born early will not be able to store as much sugar as full-term babies, which means they can become hypoglycemic when they will face stressed conditions. babies will feed little and often at this stage to compensate.

Why do thermoregulatory problems happen in Baby born at 35 weeks?

Baby born at 35 weeks do not have as much stored fat as full-term babies, so they get cold easily. Cold babies burn more calories to keep themselves warm, making hypoglycemia worse and slowing weight gain.

What are the Feeding and Sleeping problems in Baby born at 35 weeks?

Babies usually begin to store fat in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Babies use these fat stores to stay warm and for energy reserves. Since Baby born at 35 weeks was born early, he had fewer fat stores, so it is very important that babies should feed every 3 hours. Good feeding builds their fat stores and helps his brain to develop. Baby born at 35 weeks are usually very sleepy.

Why good Immune system is important for Baby born at 35 weeks?

The immune system will help the body to fight infections. In the last weeks of pregnancy, proteins that help immunity move to the baby from the mother. Baby born at 35 weeks may be born before the development of immune system. It is very important to breastfeed a late pre-term baby because breast milk can help late pre-term babies to develop immunity.

premature baby born at 35 weeks

How Baby born at 35 week’s looks like?

These babies are about 20 inches long and usually weigh between 5 .5 and 6 pounds. 35 and 36 weaker look just like full-term babies, but they are still premature and may face some problems due to prematurity such as the sucking reflex. tiny baby clothes 5-8lb sold here for babies of this birth weight

Is holding your baby next to your body (skin to skin) have some benefits?

Holding your baby next to your body has many benefits. It helps keep your baby’s temperature normal. It also helps your baby to have good oxygen percentage and heart and breathing rates.

Last days in hospital will be the most exciting yet scary as you both prepare to go home. If its your first baby you may feel scared you wont wake up in the nights for feeds. But you will as your body will have been preparing for this in the last few weeks of those sleepless nights. Also if you speak to the Nicu nurse will be be there to help you adjust to the going home stage. Plus they give you a telephone number to ring them any time day or night once you are are home.


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