baby born at 32 weeks health and dangers

baby born at 32 weeks pregnant
baby born at 32 weeks premature

baby born at 32 weeks pregnant. premature baby born at 32 weeks gestation. what are the dangers for their health and well being.

Baby Born At 32 Weeks Pregnant

Full-term pregnancy helps to better the baby’s growth and development compared to a baby born at 32 weeks. Due to some pregnancy complications, every woman can’t complete the full term of pregnancy. These complications can cause premature baby delivery. Babies that are born before the complete pregnancy period (37th week) are called premature babies. Here, we will give you complete information about the baby born at 32 weeks, why when a baby born this early a few possible complications can arise.

Causes of Baby Born At 32 Weeks

  1. The uterus irritable or incompetent cervix fails to hold the baby safely.
  2. Placenta problems that cause to separated baby early.
  3. Multiple abortions and miscarriages
  4. In case, Placenta not able to provide enough nutrition or oxygen to the baby.
  5. The extensive use of illegal drugs during pregnancy, such as smoking, drinking, and alcoholic beverages.
  6. Presence of more than one child, such as twins, triplets or multiple.
  7. Physical injury or trauma
  8. Pregnant women have some infection like a lower genital tract or amniotic fluid, leading to born babies early.
  9. Being overweight or underweight before pregnancy
  10. Stress life events, such as domestic violence or the death of a loved one.

complications for a baby born at 32 weeks

Complications can be more severe if immediate health precautions are not taken for premature babies. In the list below, we discussed some of the health complications that a baby born at 32 weeks may experience.

Underweight Problem

Sometimes, premature babies are born with low birth weight. Because the baby’s weight is not at a safe level, so, gaining weight becomes a top priority. They may suffer from hypothermia if they don’t gain weight. So, it’s better to keep the babies in an incubator for a few weeks until they gain appropriate weight.

Brain injuries due to prematurity

The earlier baby has a higher risk of bleeding into the brain called intraventricular haemorrhage. Sometimes, babies suffer a permanent brain injury due to excessive bleeding from the brain. During the 32 weeks of pregnancy, The baby’s brain is only 66% developed in the last stages of its development. That’s why doctors keep them in the hospital’s NICU.

premature baby neonate in intensive care unit
premature baby inside incubator born at 32 weeks
Breathing Problems for a premature baby born at 32 weeks

During the 32 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s lung system is not fully developed, making it difficult for babies to breathe. Besides, some babies may face lung disorder called bronchopulmonary dysplasia. However, premature babies experience shortness of breath called apnoea, in which the baby’s breathing stops for a long time.

Weak Immune System

In a premature baby, an underdeveloped immune system is most common. It leads to a high risk of infection and can quickly spread to the bloodstream that makes the cause of sepsis infection.

Hearing Problem

Babies born at 32 weeks have a higher risk of hearing loss. Doctors check all children’s hearing before going home.

Can Babies Born At 32 Weeks Survive?

According to the latest survey, the good news is that babies born in the 7th month are more likely to survive. New advancements in the medical science and technology field have played a significant role in reducing neonatal and infant mortality. They make it possible by using various techniques and cutting-edge tools your baby can grow up healthy. But always remember, it all depends on your baby’s health condition, only doctors can tell whether your 7th-month baby can survive or not.

What is the Growth Level of a Premature Baby Born this soon?

Babies born at 32 weeks of pregnancy usually weigh 1.5 kg and are 20 inches long. Most babies can breathe independently, but they need an extra oxygen supply to maintain oxygen levels in the body because the lungs of a 32-week-old baby are not fully developed. Furthermore, during the 32 weeks of pregnancy, their ability to suck or swallow does not develop, so they cannot eat or drink by themselves. That is why they are kept in the hospital’s NICU to supply oxygen and food through IV.


Although the exact cause of premature birth is often not known. But some things can be used to reduce the risk of premature birth in women.

Use of Progesterone Supplements:

Women who Having a previous premature birth, a short cervix or both, can use progesterone supplements to reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Cervical Cerclage:

The cervical cervix is a surgical procedure that prevents premature birth. It is performed during pregnancy in women who have a short cervix. In this procedure, The cervix is closed with strong sutures which can provide extra support to the uterus. When the baby delivery time arrives, the sutures are removed.

Avoid any vigorous activity during pregnancy without consulting your doctor.

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