baby born 28 weeks mind-blowing journey

baby born 28 weeks

have faith tips to hold a baby born 28 weeks

baby born 28 weeks pregnancy
baby born 28 weeks is 12 weeks early

baby born 28 weeks gestational age they are born prem or premature. The normal pregnancy lasts an average of 40-42 weeks. If the baby is born before the age of 37, it is called premature. Therefore, babies born 36 weeks and 6 days old are officially considered premature babies. Usually describes the degree of preterm birth. Depending on gestational age, for example: very early-starting at 23-28 weeks-28-32 weeks moderately early-32-34 weeks early-34-37 weeks of preterm delive

Signs of premature delivery baby born 28 weeks

 If you have any of the following symptoms, you should consult your midwife or hospital. These symptoms may or may not mean that you are in labour, but they should always be controlled:
• back pain, feeling that your child is pressing down or pelvic pressure, swelling of arms and legs
• vomiting or diarrhoea
• blurred vision
• diplopia or other visual disturbances
• abdominal cramps
• slowing or stopping of movement of the baby
• fluid or blood leaking from the vagina
Tips for handling 28- weeks’ premature babies

Being prepared for the first visit to the Nicu to see your baby born 28 weeks. what you will see hear smells and touch.

Beware of noise , alarms going off buzzers these are machines which monitor baby’s health statistics. See other babies in their Nicus as you go past to get to your baby . nothing to be frightened off. Lots of nurses going to and from taking a quick look at their charges as well as yours. All normal. plus lots of other hospital staff too. Its a busy room. Smells cleaning fluids sick baby poo all normal . Touching a crib hand hygiene is important even if you go outside for a smoke wash your hands when you get back to the NIcu.

  1. feel confident in yourself you can do this.
  2. sit down the first time you hold your baby you wont feel like you are going to drop them then.
  3. They wont break they are just a small version of a newborn and like to feel you close to you for security and warmth.
  4.  use a blanket if you don’t want to hold them with just their clothes on. it will make you feel more secure.
  5. talking to your baby helps to gain more self esteem they will recognise your voice as you hold them for the first time.
    Here are some ideas that can help you deal with negative emotions and make you feel more optimistic.
    Talk to others about your feelings.

getting support when baby born 28 weeks is delivered

join a support group like Bliss . especially for families with premature babies. They have an online website with a contact telephone number on. This can be your partner, a trusted family member or friend, or a professional such as a consultant. Accept how you will deal with situations that are different from your partner. Your partner is doing his own thing and understands your partner’s feelings by talking and listening to each other.
Make your lifestyle healthy.

Eat healthy food, exercise, rest as much as possible, and make time to do what you like. It is also recommended that you limit your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs. Surround yourself with people who can make you feel positive.
Don’t take unnecessary stress.

Unnecessary stress, take a day off from the intensive care unit from time to time if necessary so that you can do something for yourself. , Control your breathing, listen to your favourite music, or take a walk around the block. You can also sit next to your baby in the hospital to breathe, listen to music, and relax. Your child may be in the intensive care unit, but they will achieve their goals and milestones.

Some recommendations
• during pregnancy, eat healthily 
• maintain your regular check-up
• do walk regularly
• take multivitamin and supplements properly
• take proper 8-hour sleep
• try to avoid negative thoughts
• please consult your doctor and do yoga. It helps to reduce toxins, stress and unhealthy thoughts from your body
• do meditation

There are many reasons for positive emotions. You will feel better when you are near your baby. You can learn about your child’s technical or stress symptoms, or you can change diapers gently. Remember, there are some things you can only do as a parent. Touch, smell, and sound are essential to babies. You are also the leading advocate for your child. Don’t stress if your baby gets to deliver in the 28th week; spend time with your baby to help the baby recover faster and healthier.

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