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baby born quickly after 3 pushes but are all births that quick? labour is like its word “hard work”.

It is a very exciting feeling when you wait for your baby born. It doesn’t matter, whether this is your first child, you are adopting it after years of trying, or if you have already become a parent, the feeling of waiting for a child is something that you can’t express. Your feelings can be a mixture of various emotions such as happy, excited, worried, scared, and curious; even emotions change in a minute. But new baby excitement seems to trump them all. Here, we’ll discuss all new babies born.

What Should You Do Immediately After The baby born?

As a baby born enters the world there are a few things doctors and midwives do. APGAR score. a baby is given a score depending on colour of skin as it enters the air, breathing condition, movement, pulse and grimace. the score is rated from 0-10 . then as baby is dried off measured adding a label on for identification is then passed to mum if everything is ok.

Newborns babies are not able to control their temperature, so it’s very important, he stays warm and dry. If your delivery is vaginal and you and your baby are in good health, place your baby on your abdomen, make sure he is dry, has a cap on his head, and is covered with a warm blanket.

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Why Do Babies Cry When Born?

When babies are born, they are exposed to a new and cold environment, so they often cry. The babies crying is good for their health, and it strengthens their lungs and expels mucus and amniotic fluid.

Is Birth Stressful For A Baby?

Labor stress is good for the baby because his mother produces hormones that help her with pain during the delivery pain. And this way baby’s adrenal glands are stimulated, and they start to produce stress hormones and catecholamines.

Are babies born blue normal?

It is common for the baby’s hands and feet to be blue after birth, and in some cases, they stay bluish in colour for many days. The cause of babies’ blue is a normal reaction to the blood circulation in their body, but it does not happen in other parts of the body.

What Is The Right Age For A Baby To Get A Bath?

The newborn needs to take a bath two to three times a week but bathe with a sponge for about one to four weeks after birth until the baby’s umbilical cord heals. Then use a baby bathtub until the baby is six months old, and eventually use a tub bath as your baby gets older.

How To Care For The New Born Baby?

Caring for a newborn can be a little difficult, so if you spend a lot of time around the newborn, you will need to do some essential things.

  • Make sure you wash your hands with sanitiser before holding your baby.
  • Always support your baby’s neck and head while holding.
  • Avoid shaking your newborn baby because it can be harmful to the baby. Even a child’s brain can bleed, causing death.
  • Make sure your child is securely tied to a stroller, carrier, or car seat.
  • Newborn babies are not ready for rough plays such as throw in the air, jiggled on the knee, etc., so avoid doing such things.


New parents should also take care of themselves and seek help from family or friends so that they can rest completely. Parents can be very worried about many aspects of newborn care first-time. This blog post will help new parents to take good care of their new babies born.

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