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baby birth

baby birth approaching and mums bump is getting bigger, how do you know when its time to go ? today we look at being prepared. Whether it be at home having everything you need or hospital bags to take with you . In any case being ready will be less stressful for you if you plan ahead With the cost of living going up and inflation too, buying for a baby is expensive in any case. Today we look at managing on a very low income such as universal credit. as its been on the news this last few weeks £20.00 is being taken of families from this month onwards in the UK.

baby birth getting prepared at home

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baby birth imminent how prepared are you? taking it easy only buying baby clothes once baby has come home ? is it wise to do that ? Even if you only buy neutral colours of whites or cream. ordering online or shopping at a baby store for essentials will help to have the urgent supplies at hand. This blog is aimed at very young mums when money is very tight.

Here are our top 11 items to have in at home. A bottle sterilizer with bottles and teats even if breast feeding to have incase of emergencies, milk powder, nappies, wipes, baby towel, washing powder and sensitive conditioner for baby’s own washing. essential baby wear such as baby grows, vests cardigans, coat, 2 hats one for indoors one for outdoors which is thicker. baby car seat. pram not the buggy type cotton cot sheets/ moses basket sheets, blankets.

I know its old fashioned but if you cant afford a moses basket for baby to sleep in a wooden drawer will work just as good. They used to do years ago. There is nothing to be ashamed about in making do or being creative in using a cardboard box. even if its just for a few weeks until you can afford a cot.

is there anything you can borrow from other young mums of a family member who has recently had a baby birth? what about a charity shop or charities they can even provide a child’s bed so ask around lots of Facebook groups are giving items away free for all. The downside of borrowing from the government as a loan is you have pay it back so avoid this at all cost or you will never catch up. Gone are the days of maternity grants. Except for the Sure Start maternity grant.

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baby birth what to take in your baby’s bag

what to put in baby’s bag for the hospital …nappies take loads with you ,bottles from boots with teats in packets .because there are not sterilizing facilities at the hospital to do the bottles ,(ready made milk in cartons if bottle feeding) sensitive baby wipes, baby soap shampoo, cotton wool balls, towel, baby clothes, socks, coat, hat, car seat. blanket

What does a midwife usually dress baby in after the birth ? a vest, nappy, sleepsuit cardigan, hat and wrapped in a blanket. then placed in its own cot at the maternity unit.

baby birth what to take with you to ease the delivery

someone with you a partner family member or friend. plus mainly things to keep you occupied as early labour is both boring and long, especially for a first baby birth. Take along music on a phone or ipod. Listening will keep you focused. a book or crossword book. munchies snacks and drinks. pen and note pad. it will help keep your mind occupied during the first stages of labour. And finally money small change for snacks/paper trolley or your birth partner to go and visit the local shop for you incase you run out.

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