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baby bath from uk loads different ones which should i buy? plus we look at bath baby for the first time ,building your confidence from the start pleased with yourself that you can trust your mothering instincts.

The Best Baby Baths For Your Little Munchkin

In the olden days babies were bathed in the kitchen sink as far back as the 1970’s. people often had outside toilets back then and had to walk outside their house to go to the toilet. Some houses didn’t have bathrooms. But as plastics were introduced so was the plastic baby bath introduced. This was oval shape with a few grooves on the side to place a soap bar..

If you are a new mom, we are sure you are struggling to give your little one a refreshing bath. Many moms fear scaring the baby, but some are afraid that their munchkin might slip. However, the baby bathtubs can be used to provide a seamless bathing time, and we have added the best ones for you to buy!

baby bath tub

Aqua Scale baby bath

This baby bathtub is an ultimate multi-tasker you need for bath time. This is because it is integrated with the weight weighing features and helps track the water temperature. In addition, it has scales that can be used for adjusting the movement and water. To illustrate, it’s perfect for newborn babies to babies aged 24 months old.

Boon Naked Travel baby bath

If you are looking for a travel-friendly bath, you can opt for this collapsible tub. The bathtub is made from PVC-free and BPA-free material. In addition, it is integrated with two support stages, which means you can cradle the little ones by raising the walls and reclining the base. Not to forget, you can extend the legs to accommodate a naughty toddler.

Washpod baby bath

If you have a baby who doesn’t like stretching during the bath, the Washpod baby bath helps the baby sit in a foetal position, making them happier and more relaxed. Even more, it consumes less water and has a smaller surface area which promises warm water for a longer time period.

Boots Essential Baby Bath

If you are simply looking for a neutral and basic baby bath, this is a white bath tab with BPA-free construction. The baby bath is designed with a drainage plug and hole to streamline the bating experience. In fact, you can carry it on the high street if there is an emergency situation going on.

Shnuggle Bath for babies

To begin with, this bath is integrated with a foam backrest which is an apt option for new mommies who are too nervous about giving their babies a bath. The bath is made from lightweight foam, which not only keeps the water warm but also insulates it. Even more, there is an internal bum bump that prevents the chances of slipping and is actually convenient to carry around.


What is the right age to give babies a bath?

Bathing a baby is often termed difficult, which is why many moms don’t opt for baby baths until they are old enough. However, you can start giving baths once your baby is one day old, so get your hands on a baby bath for newborns.

When to provide a sitting bath to the baby?

While newborn babies need to be laid down during bath, you can make them sit up once they are six months old.

Why do your little ones need a bath?

Even if your little one doesn’t run around, you need to give them regular baths to wash away the germs. Also, bathing relaxes the baby and prevents the chances of infections and illnesses.

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