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babies songs you’ll love to sing along too top favourites and the magic that makes babies fall asleep easily. You’ll be thrilled to pieces to know the secrets .Todays blog post looks at sing along best songs for babies.

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So you have a baby and all through your pregnancy you found your baby seem to settle when the music was on in the background. Some people think babies cant hear sounds when you are pregnant but when a baby recognises both parents voices after delivery this proves their theory wrong doesn’t it ? So as sounds bounce around the atmosphere its important for your baby to develop their senses as soon as they are born too. You can develop an even closer bond with your child too plus a whole lot more. What’s more enjoyable for you as a parent ? Happier babies sleep better. and a well rested parent is much more relaxed in the process.

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repetitiveness is the key to a good baby song. How much more so with the popular baby shark song. Toddlers especially loved it when it first came out it was played over 7 billion times online alone and the artist made over £4million from the Youtube streams. Now business are even stocking baby clothes from baby shark fabric. amazing isn’t it.

so you pick a baby song and if you see a good response from your baby repeat singing it daily. If the baby song has actions its a fun activity to do in front of your baby and a baby sitting up and clapping may try to join in too. Doing sign language is another way a baby can enjoy both the song to hear and developing good communication skills with you right from an early age. These are the first language skills a baby picks up on developing brain neurons and connections as they learn through play.

The Best Babies Songs For Your Little One

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Our babies are the best thing that ever happened to us and they deserve all the love without any say. One way of showing love is by singing newborn babies songs. In fact, singing songs to babies strengthens the parent-child bond and also regulates their arousal level. In addition, songs help calm down the little ones and help them sleep.

However, just like other parents, you must be scratching your head thinking about the babies’ songs and we are here with some great choices!

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the best babies songs are short and sweet with arm actions, finger songs where you count on your hands or make animal shapes such as two little dicky birds sitting on a wall,, funny rhymes with lots of repetitive sentences or a chorus and soothing lullabyes. These help a baby settle of to sleep easier.

The Bear Necessities

The song is from The Jungle Book and it’s all about forgetting the strife and worries. Honestly, the song has the best tunes.

This Old Man

more good babies songs to sing to. If you are looking for a funny yet weird nursery rhyme, this is a great choice. If you have an infant, they will indulge in giggles when you sing the patty-whack.

The ABC Song

Education starts from an early age and just saying the ABCs won’t engage the baby. So, simply start singing the ABCs, so they have an interactive experience and actually absorb the information.

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If You’re Happy & You Know It

these are great babies songs Kids love clapping and stamping, and this song delivers everything they like. This is a joyous song that will surely keep your child giggling.

Miss Mary Mack

As a mommy, we are sure you get your baby dressed up in the morning but it’s often a task that involves a lot of crying and screaming. However, singing Miss Mary Mack during the dress-up time will keep them engaged and happy.

Hush Little Baby

Newborns often give a hard time at night, especially when you are trying to put them down on the bed. However, this is a very subtle lullaby that will put your little one to sleep within minutes, and that too, without creating any fuss.

You Are My Sunshine

There’s no denying the fact we love our kids, so just express your love with this song. This is a great lullaby for newborn babies who deserve all the love (and sleep).

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This Is The Way

This is a perfect song for babies because it’s customizable. You can stick with the song’s actions, such as clapping the hands and stomping the feet but you can always use the song to make kids wash their hands or brush their teeth (this is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands!).

Hey, Diddle, Diddle

This is a classic nursery poem that can be doubled as a song. Honestly, the lyrics don’t make sense but it’s enough to make your baby laugh and giggle with joy! as you sing these fab babies songs to them

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