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babies eyes

babies eyes when do they change colour my baby eyes are so blue?

babies eyes
Three months old baby with blue eyes

babies eyes changes in colour 0-1 year.

Babies eyes and vision undergoes many changes during the first year of their life. When a baby is born, he is sensitive to bright light. Initially, the baby’s pupil looks very small which limits the light entry into his eyes. Babies eyes can see a thing with the peripheral vision but the central vision is not developed yet. With time, the baby’s retina develops and his pupil becomes a bit wider.

This helps them to see dark and bright ranges of light and patterns. Babies‘ eyes begin to focus on the front object slowly. As they age, their eyes gradually develop. Therefore, the pediatrician must thoroughly check the babies eyes at each visit making sure that their vision is developing as expected.

When do babies eyes change colour?

Baby eyes colour depends on a protein secreted by melanocytes called melanin. Babies with dark complexion have brown eyes at birth but Caucasian babies have gray or blue eyes. Babies eyes may appear blue or gray mostly because of lack of pigment and being in a dark womb for a long time. After birth, he is exposed to more light so his eye colour changes with age. If more melanin is secreted, the baby will have blue eyes and if less melanin is secreted, he will have hazel or green eyes. The most common, brown eyes result because of actively secreting melanocytes.

The rate at which colour changes slows after six months however, mostly after a year melanocytes complete their work and the final colour becomes visible. Sometimes it may take many years before eye colour becomes permanent.

babies eye colour

What to do in case of a baby eye infection?

If baby eyes become infected, you can do the following to help the baby.

  • If a baby is having a problem in opening his eyes, then you should wash hands, take a sterile wet cotton ball and clean his eyes starting from the inside to the outside eye corner. Doing this will remove the pus from his eyelids.
  • The newly born baby recover in 24 to 36 hours. If a baby eyes become swollen or red and he is rubbing his eyes continuously due to irritation then you should seek medical care for your child.
  • Warm compress relieves eye irritation and swelling in case of both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • Doctors may prescribe antibiotic drops for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis. If the child is not tolerating drops several times a day then put the drops in the eye’s inner corner so that when he will open his eyes, drops will automatically flow into the babies eyes.
What are sticky baby eyes?

If the baby eye infection are watery and there is a continuous and sticky yellow discharge, it may occur because of a blocked tear duct. This condition of the eye is called the sticky eye. It is common in newborn and small babies. The sticky baby eyes will water a lot. Mostly it gets better on its own.

You clean the eye with cool boiled water and cotton wool using only one wipe and in to outwards motion . then throw away to not use the same cotton wool for both eyes. you will cause the baby eye infection to spread further.

One in twenty babies is born with completely blocked or narrow tear ducts. This prevents their tears from draining away and keeps their eyes always wet. The sticky eyes are mostly noticed when the baby becomes one month old.

Mostly this condition improves on its own but you should discuss your child’s condition with a pediatrician.

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