babies crying 3 month old what do I do for perfect peace

babies crying stop
babies crying

babies crying so much that its getting on your nerves ? A crying baby means it has a need. As a parent you learn the different cries in a newborn baby as you bond with them.

In short first lets look at a reason a baby may be crying. Very young Babies communicate by crying until talking its the only way they can let you know what they need. Babies cry for the following reasons. I’m hungry I’m thirsty, I have trapped wind.I’m tired. next I need a cuddle, I’m bored, I need love. I’ve been over stimulated. I need rest and sleep. I’m wet or have a soiled nappy. I’m sick.

babies crying For first time parents . Juggling life with a first baby can be overwhelming at times. You may panic at the slightest thing. You struggle getting into a routine that suits your baby. You don’t often get a lot of sleep. In fact many experts say this lack of sleep can last. Especially until children reach the age of six.

babies crying at 3 months old

for the first time ever in 3 days you really could do with some peace and quiet so what can you do ? As a family member watch the baby for you whilst you get a little nap. Pushing a pram in fresh air settles crying babies.

If you have gone through the no nappy doesn’t need changing or baby has just been fed. Sometimes there is something called 3 months colic. Where baby will not settle especially early evenings. You can jiggle them on your shoulder to help settle babies crying through colic. and use gripe water.

baby massage is good some Sure start buildings do little sessions you could ask to join with your baby. A cot mobile with soothing music is relaxing for babies crying.

tips to settle crying babies

A crying baby can be soothed by rocking to and fro or pushing them in the pram back and forth. A soothing bath a feed then putting them down at night time is a good routine to get a baby into. Some babies like a comforter it could be a dummy comfort blanket teddy toy or teddy comfort blanket. try to get two so that one can be washed and you still have another to fall back on. there is nothing worse than leaving it on the bus and realising when you are home. Only to find they wont settle without the exact same one.

Some premature babies can also get reflux and it can make them cry. You can support them in a semi upright position to help them better.

never shake your baby if it wont stop crying

As a last resort and you feel frustrated that your baby still wont stop crying get outside help. Never be in a position where you want to shake your baby to make it stop. Babies can die of brain damage known as shaken baby syndrome. nip to a neighbour’s house and ask can you bring baby in and have a cup of tea. Meet up with your friends or family and share your burden. A listening hear is always a wise decision.

If you are a single parent struggling to cope with it all speak to your health visitor or doctor. They may tell you of some play groups to join with other babies and mums. Mums can always give you helpful tips. After all they have been there done that walking round the bedroom with a crying baby on their shoulder.

babies crying are they sick

Finally babies crying and knowing if they are sick or not. Here some pin pointers to be aware of in sick babies.

Floppy baby sick. Lethargic with a whimpering cry sick. Sunken fontanelle sick. Diarrhoea with repeated vomiting sick. high temperature and fitting sick. seek medical advice urgently.

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