20 weeks pregnant can you see my baby bump

20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant
is half of pregnancy. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus and baby continue to grow, and pregnant women feel many changes in their belly button and weight. They feel more appetite, and the belly looks like a bump vs. bloated, even they can feel their baby moving. next, the stomach is firmer noticeable in the slimmer woman and is more rounded at this stage of development of the baby.

The stomach has stretched to accommodate the growing womb. If you turn to the side you can indeed see a baby bump. you will be ever so excited as your share your pics with all your friends. Women often make a photo diary wearing different outfits at this stage to see the stomach grow too with the baby.

Your Baby Development at Pregnant 20 Weeks

If you are pregnant 20 weeks, then you are about halfway through your pregnancy. By 20 weeks pregnant, your little one is covered from head to toe in a white greasy substance called Vernix layer. This layer protects your baby skin from drying out during the many weeks in the amniotic fluid. Your baby is turning into a proper little gymnast, so if you haven’t noticed your fetal movement before, be prepared to feel a bubble or fluttering sensation in your belly because your little can punches, kick, and turn around after a while.

Usually, at 20 weeks pregnancy, baby can be sucking her or his thumb; however, it is not just for comfort; sucking thumb helping to develop your little baby sucking reflex that will be more important for feeding after your delivery. Your fetus’s size is about 6 1/3 inches long from head to bum and weighing in at around 300 grams. Soft and fine hair is called a lanugo that is already growing on your baby’s head and now is covering his body.

20 Weeks pregnant Mum’s Body Changes

At 20 weeks pregnant, you might notice a dark line show down the middle of your belly, called “linera nigra”. Your belly expands to make space for your growing baby, so don’t worry, this is a natural skin’s pigmentation, and it won’t last forever and fades away within a few months after baby birth. Many mums experience morning sickness, or a glimpse of your little at the 20 weeks scan, then walking on air will give you a fresh and good feeling. Furthermore, lack of tiredness, sleep, hair fall are other body changes that most pregnant women experienced.

Common Symptoms at 20 Weeks Pregnant

• Faintness or dizziness
• Occasional headaches
• Indigestion and heartburn
• Stretch marks
• Leg cramps
• Body aches
• Lower back pain
• Strange dreams
• Swelling in ankles and feet or fingers
• Skin pigmentation
• Your innie becoming an outie

20 weeks pregnany baby growing in pregnancy

Tips for being 20 Weeks Pregnant

• If you want to know about your baby’s sex, then always remember that sonographers have been considered wrong, so you’ll need to be prepared for a surprise.
• In a first-time pregnancy, you’ve started to feel your baby movement in between 18 to 20 weeks, so; you may think the subtle motions are gas, butterflies, or a grumbling tummy.
• At 20 weeks pregnant, you should be gaining an average of a pound per week so try to choose healthy food.

Now, you have covered a half milestone of your pregnancy, so congratulations. Your delivery date may still far away; therefore, it’s very important to continue to take care of yourself to finish a successful pregnancy by exercising regularly, eating well, and taking comfortable sleep. However, bleeding or spotting and regular contractions could be signs of premature labour, so if you do experience anything like that, then get checked by your doctor immediately.

If a baby was to be born at 20 weeks as of April 2021 babies are offered comfort care. Babies can survive outside the womb from 22 weeks pregnant. Although hospitals vary from country to country. In fact with their policies of if they can intervene and usually opt to help babies to breathe from 24 weeks pregnant.

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