twins premature birth not protected

twins premature

twins premature birth keeping them safe and sound twins premature birth imminent? Have the consultant said you are likely to have these babies early ? if they have you have come to the right page to find out some vital information about your stay in hospital. A twin pregnancy is classed as a high risk…

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pregnancy weeks How far along am I

pregnancy weeks

pregnancy weeks how far along am I pregnancy weeks when do you actually find out your are pregnant? pregnancy tests are readily available nowadays. Even for sale in the cheapest shops like Poundland Pound savers or a local boots chemist. Do they all test you how many weeks along you have reached NO. The earliest…

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incubator baby life-changing for all concerned


incubators baby how does it change a mums life? Incubator baby . what are the long term outcomes when an infant is born premature ?How does an incubator work ? How do parents feel when their baby is in an incubator . Especially when they are kept there for weeks and weeks.Todays blog looks at…

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happy birthday baby loving your 1st party

babys first birthday party

happy birthday baby you are 1 soon happy birthday baby you will be 1 year old soon . How can you celebrate a baby’s first birthday without the stress? What are the best tips for a worry free baby birthday party? Where can you hold a small birthday bash for a 1 year old ?…

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prem baby clothes uk under wraps

prem baby clothes england

prem baby clothes uk prem baby clothes uk whats available in 2023. Where can you find them easily online when you need to be at the hospital with your little one. Driving round all your local shops all day is tiresome. For all those visiting a prem baby still in the HDU. Once the hospital…

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preemie baby birth so traumatic coping in 2023

preemie baby challenges

preemie baby Navigating Life After a Premature Birth preemie baby birth is traumatic. So what are the Challenges and Tips for Parents of a preemie babyThe birth of a child is a momentous event, filled with joy and anticipation. However, when a preemie baby arrives .Especially so prematurely, it can be a sudden and overwhelming…

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baby loss awareness month is october

baby loss awareness month

baby loss awareness month is in October baby loss awareness month held all over the world in the month of October.For the last few years parents have embrased the idea. It’s to talk about their baby losses due to it being such a taboo subject not often spoken about.Losing a child is an experience that…

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baby grows magic is in the making


baby grows comfort and convenience are paramount. That’s where babygrows come to the rescue for infant wear. These one-piece wonders are not just practical; they’re also incredibly adorable. From their snug fit to the endless array of charming designs, baby grows have become a staple in every baby’s wardrobe, providing both parents and babies with…

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baby bump awesome growth being pregnant

baby bump

baby bump The Enigmatic adventure baby bump at last I am beginning to show. So usually its around 5 months pregnant you start to show off a pregnancy baby bump. Being a first time mum is so special. proudly wearing clinging clothes just to give all that look at you an image that will stick…

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tiny baby clothing so small blows your mind

preemie baby

tiny baby clothing bereavement specialist and for growing premature babies tiny baby clothing is readily available at Heaven and Hope specialist in tiny sizings only. two aspects of the business baby bereavement wear with sizes starting from 16 weeks for outfits . Next they offer the widest range for hospital and home wear dedicated just…

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baby walking when do babies walk

baby vaccines saying no

baby walking for the first time ever what a joy to see. So you may be asking as a first time parent when do babies walk? Do babies crawl bum shuffle or do they go straight to walking and miss these out ? Well every child is different. And as a matter of fact mums…

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questions about premature babies in the uk

baby vaccines

questions about premature babies in UK hospitals. depending on the country if its poor or a rich one determines how the hospitals treat early babies when they are delivered. Poor countries don’t always have nicu units only hot cots. often these babies are swaddled with their mums as part of the care they get. In…

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miscarried baby do they have a funeral


miscarried baby 1st 2nd third trimester infant loss. do babies have a funeral this young ? The most vulnerable time for a miscarriage to happen is usually in the first trimester. up to 12 weeks pregnant. Now it may be missed as mum uses the toilet. Baby at the fetus stage can be missed along…

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baby clothing wholesaler good stock

baby clothing wholesaler

baby clothing wholesaler UK stock is it any good for a new business? todays blog looks at setting up a new business selling baby clothing. Plus getting up and running to make it a great success. Good stock baby clothing wholesaler from England. Where can you buy babies outfits for a new business set up.…

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babies teeth teething baby so gloomy

babies teeth

babies teeth often a topic talked about a lot with parents. todays blog looks at babies teeth in depth especially teething stage and when they loose those first milk teeth. stay with us as we talk about soothing a screaming baby getting teeth. babies teeth how many do they have when they are born ?…

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premature clothes baby silky smooth smallest sizes

baby bump

premature clothes baby oh wow where do you start to look for sizes so small that you didn’t expect to buy ? Getting ready for delivery bags half packed but all the clothes you already have are in bigger sizes. This blog ,looks at what premature clothes you’ll need to have what not to buy…

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baby blues pulling my hair out

baby vaccines first ones

What Are The baby blues? baby blues are a feeling of sadness and despair experienced by new mothers after having a baby. While they can happen at any time, they most likely occur 2-3 days after the baby is born and last up to 2 weeks. If you think that you or someone you know…

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baby grows smooth as silk

baby grows premature babies

baby grows that are so easy to dress an infant in, in the UK in 2022. what size baby grows can you get in tiny sizes up to 1 year old. Well over the years many high street stores that stock the newborn to 24 months sizes. Usually purchase very large quantities so they need…

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babies eyes baby eye infection worry

babies eyes

babies eyes when do they change colour my baby eyes are so blue? babies eyes changes in colour 0-1 year. Babies eyes and vision undergoes many changes during the first year of their life. When a baby is born, he is sensitive to bright light. Initially, the baby’s pupil looks very small which limits the…

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nicu baby all wires arms and legs

nicu baby

NICU baby having 24 hour care nicu baby having 24 nursing care . today we look at the baby in the nicu unit of a maternity unit.And answer your most asked questions about the nicu. Premature birth is an ongoing global health problem. Although medical technology has advanced rapidly, and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs)…

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baby bath which are the best in uk

baby bath time

baby bath from uk loads different ones which should i buy? plus we look at bath baby for the first time ,building your confidence from the start pleased with yourself that you can trust your mothering instincts. The Best Baby Baths For Your Little Munchkin In the olden days babies were bathed in the kitchen…

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babies songs soothing sounds your child to hear

babies eyes

babies songs you’ll love to sing along too top favourites and the magic that makes babies fall asleep easily. You’ll be thrilled to pieces to know the secrets .Todays blog post looks at sing along best songs for babies. baby sounds love is in the air? So you have a baby and all through your…

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baby nurseries UK safe to leave my child there ?

baby nurseries day care

baby nurseries in the UK how do i find the most suitable one to leave my infant with ? Are they safe? Will my baby be happy there ? Will they learn as well as be looked after ? day care baby nurseries that look after children 0-5 year olds The baby nurseries provide the…

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baby sleep apnea in babies so young

sleep apnea in babies is todays blog post topic. A disturbed sleep for parents is common due to the needs a newborn baby has regards to feeding, nappy changes every few hours . But what about sleep problems in babies ? we look in more detail about the term sleep apnea just below. Learn how…

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baby memory books thrilling to see progress

baby memory books

baby memory books dress to impress recording those baby milestones in your baby’s first year alone. What a fantastic way to preserve these precious memories of your little one. Today’s blog posts looks at the baby memory book and what to capture of your child to treasure forevermore. Especially from birth to 1 year. Everything…

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baby cough its so earsplitting baby is 1 yr

baby cough

Baby cough does it mean your child is ill ? baby cough day or night starting when indoors or outdoors ? it can be a tell tale sign of what it is with just a few questions. Do you live in a built up industrial area ? or a nice peaceful rural setting. Is there…

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baby milk mouthwatering 1st feeds for a newborn

baby milk

baby milk how to choose the best feed for your infant Choosing the best baby milk for your baby can be a daunting task. There are so many options when it comes to baby milk, with every brand offering their own unique benefits and features. The following are some helpful tips you can follow to…

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unborn baby funeral dignified with love

baby loss awareness month

unborn baby funeral ideas. when baby wasn’t here on earth very long yet you still have to sort out arrangements. Today we look at all the necessary funeral plans that you sort out after the loss of an unborn baby in the womb. discussing a non religious ceremony in this blog. unborn baby funeral plans…

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baby toys for a giggling fun time

baby toys girls

baby toys buying for your child in the winter months? what will go down well with your little one. what baby toys are out there that stimulate your baby’s senses. which toys are annoying. which toys are a waste of time buying and which babies toys are mesmerizing to aid a baby’s learning. Today we…

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miscarriage funeral a tearful goodbye


miscarriage funeral arrangements when a baby sadly passed away at 20 weeks. Its something you should never have to do as a parent, bury your own child. In fact in the UK a question often ask is can you have a funeral for a fetus /early baby ?.Especially when you have only just passed the…

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what size is micro preemie baby clothes ?

preemie baby clothes

what size is preemie baby clothes in uk ? todays post looks at your challenging questions and vital answers on preemie babies. Health and honesty is important for parents to hear when their tiny and most precious baby is cared for in the special care unit of the maternity hospital. micro preemie baby clothes is…

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baby walker deafening scream blood everywhere

baby-bump so cute

baby walker and the ear piercing scream a mum will never forget. Todays blog post looks at how a simple accident with a baby walker will live with the parents forever. and which baby walker if any should you buy for a baby. baby walker when to buy your baby one? should you buy a…

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baby birth miracle 1st delivery

baby birth

baby birth approaching and mums bump is getting bigger, how do you know when its time to go ? today we look at being prepared. Whether it be at home having everything you need or hospital bags to take with you . In any case being ready will be less stressful for you if you…

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baby loss awareness honesty in 2021

baby loss awareness card

baby loss awareness month is here again as its held every year now. You may never have heard of it before but parents feel talking about their baby or lighting a candle in memory of them helps. Especially in grieving and healing after the loss of their precious child. Baby loss is called a taboo…

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knitting patterns for baby premature charity 2021

knitting patterns for baby

knitting patterns for baby where do you start when you want to knit for a premature baby ? In fact In today’s blog we give you all the best information on how to get started. Knitting for the first time can be a worthwhile hobby to get into. All you need is a pattern, wool,…

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funeral baby so weepy miscarriage 21 weeks

funeral baby died

baby loss awareness month is October. funeral baby after a miscarriage at 21 weeks gestation. funeral baby what do I do to organise this type of funeral service myself ?. help is only a paragraph away. As you work out the plans for a home based private funeral service. You can have a burial service…

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miscarriage at 10 weeks I feel weepy

miscarriage at 10 weeks

Miscarriage at 10 Weeks along when your baby has gone miscarriage at 10 weeks of pregnancy, it means that sadly a baby has died. Also know as a baby loss. its a very emotional traumatic event that shouldn’t happen but sadly does in women of all ages. Usually in the first trimester of a pregnancy.…

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miscarriage at home I nearly fainted 1st time

miscarriage baby

threatened miscarriage have i lost my baby ? threatened miscarriage in effect means you are losing blood but may not go on to have a full miscarriage. A full miscarriage means you have lost the baby which will come away with any tissue content. Miscarriages happen usually in the first trimester of pregnancy. miscarriage at…

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birth defects 1st baby all gloom faint not?

birth defects babies

birth defects in babies birth defects in babies are often picked up upon in an ultrasound image. Nowadays more are operable compared to years ago. In shock at the thought of your beautiful baby having to have surgery ? some operations such as a cleft lip is repairable and practically no scar can be seen…

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pregnancy stages its a breeze 1 gigantic bump

pregnancy stages huge bump

pregnancy stages three trimesters pregnancy stages for a first baby learning what’s what. Does anyone talk to you about the different stages of pregnancy in general no. What doctors and midwives do is weekly or monthly checkups. Checks have been reduced nowadays especially during Covid-19. What they will offer is regular maternity checks for those…

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premature births hazy memory for 1 mum

premature births uk

how can a mums premature births be such a haze ? its because it all happens unexpectedly. if the membranes rupture very early on the hospital staff whisk a baby off in an instance to be looked after in the neonatal care unit. On occasions its also been known for a mum to experience ptsd…

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baby born 28 weeks mind-blowing journey

baby born 28 weeks

have faith tips to hold a baby born 28 weeks baby born 28 weeks gestational age they are born prem or premature. The normal pregnancy lasts an average of 40-42 weeks. If the baby is born before the age of 37, it is called premature. Therefore, babies born 36 weeks and 6 days old are…

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baby preemie such bliss how well these babies do

birth defects baby

baby preemie and what does it mean? baby preemie is also known as a baby born due to a premature birth, which means a baby born more than three weeks before the estimated delivery date. Having a baby preemie can be extremely stressful because most parents are not prepared for this possibility. Besides an early birth or…

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get pregnant imagine its that easy in 2021

pregnancy stages huge bump

first steps to get pregnant get pregnant in the first instance . Being in a stable relationship helps for one thing and having two parent co-parenting a baby works better for the child. Being healthy is another place to start eating a junk food diet wont help you in to get pregnant in the first…

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baby loss poems so loving share 1 to 1

baby loss poems

baby loss poems writing guide baby loss poems can help to provide a poetic means in which one can express their grief and healing process through words of prose. Baby Loss Poems and Baby Miscarriage Poetry is a key towards healing. Also ,a poetic means of expression that allows parents to deal with the baby’s…

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premature infant needs a ventilator in 2021

premature infant

premature infant breathing with a ventilator premature infants are surviving born even earlier now in the year 2021. Born as young as 22 weeks pregnant breathing is the first thing a consultant will assist with first. Do not be alarmed if your baby needs a ventilator to breathe for him or her at first. The…

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premature babies alive surviving even earlier in 2021

premature babies alive

premature babies alive at birth In the medical sciences, the duration for which a baby (as a fetus) resides in the mother’s womb is termed, Gestation period. This period varies from species to species and for humans, the gestation period is about 36 weeks. This is a very important duration for the babies as their…

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premature baby bottles does my 1st baby really need them?

premature baby bottles

premature baby bottles guide we recommend you getting premature baby bottles especially if your baby is being sent home weighing around 3lb. Their mouths are smaller and newborn teats vary in size, you may find even with a newborn you’ll be buying different teats each week. Its because some babies suck slowly getting tired out…

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baby heartbeat heart problems 1st time I’m worried

baby heartbeat problems

baby heartbeat and Heart Conditions in Babies Introduction baby heart be can be detected as early as 7 weeks in the womb. The heart is one of the most important body organs which are responsible for the wellbeing of an individual throughout his life. But that is not the case for some babies as they…

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baby crying it wont stop I’m fuming 1st child

baby crying wont stop

My baby Won’t Stop crying baby crying non stop ? Have a fussy, cranky, colicky or upset Baby? There can be many reasons for a baby to cry, especially in the first several weeks. “So Why my baby crying?” It is a question that comes to arrive in every new parent’s mind. So, as an…

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baby milestones awesome aged 0 – 1 year

baby milestones

baby milestones step by step during the first year baby milestones during the first year after birth. Giving birth to a healthy baby after a tiresome gestation period of 40 weeks is an appraisable thing for a mother. But the job is not finished here as a new journey begins for parents after the baby’s…

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pregnancy bump hop skip and jump 1st baby joy

pregnancy bump

pregnancy bump when do you see it for first time? pregnancy bump eager to let everyone know you are starting to show ?. Usually, within a few months, pregnant women start showing, but it might take longer because every woman is different physically; that’s why each pregnancy is different. However, if you start showing quickly…

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baby in womb amazing how i grow 20-40 weeks

baby in womb

baby In womb how do I grow? Your baby’s development in the womb is an amazing process. Pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks, beginning with the first day of the mother’s last menstrual cycle. During journey of baby in womb, in first 20 weeks baby major organs are developed and in the remaining 20 weeks…

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premature birth outcomes baby born at 24 weeks

premature birth

premature birth delivering baby at 24 weeks or 37 weeks Premature birth can happen between the 24th and the 37th week of pregnancy. babies born this early will be of a low birth weight with a weight between 500 and 2,500 grams due to the earlier than a normal delivery date. Such infants are known…

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where to buy premature baby clothes online in 2021

premature baby clothes heaven and hope

where to buy premature baby clothes online that is uk located. In 2019-2020 buying premature baby clothing from the united Kingdom wasn’t too bad. As lockdown started then problems escalated. more and more stores sanctioned departments making shopping harder for families. Next you could only buy essentials. In fact in Wales buying baby milk powder…

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babyloss full term the devastating news 1st child

babyloss gowns

babyloss after 24 weeks – 42 weeks of pregnancy The term baby loss, also known as “Stillbirth”, is used for dead babies who die after completion of the 24th week of gestation period. babyloss or stillbirth is an asymptomatic tragedy and in most cases, the actual cause of the baby’s early death remains unknown. The…

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premature birth side effects so stressed after 1st baby

premature birth baby

unexpected premature birth and the Mental Health of Mothers with Premature Babies premature birth side effects can not only effect the baby in the long term but also the parents emotional and health and well being too. today we look at this more closely. Expecting a child is an exciting time for mothers and fathers…

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baby loss horror forever with us in 2021

baby loss

baby loss the loss that stays forever with you baby loss is a bereavement that never leaves a family. Even after many years down the line. How a family is treated at the time that they suffer a Baby Bereavement would determine how they cope with the sad death .It can even have an effect…

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baby heart rate detected for 1 st time

baby heart rate premature birth

baby heart rate beating for the very first time baby heart rate when can you see it on a scan early on in pregnancy ? when can you hear on a doppler baby’s heart beat ? today we look at this in more detail. It is an exciting moment for new parents to hear their…

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babies clothes uk online or shops in 2021


babies clothes uk for a 5lb baby babies clothes uk. Grandad buys for his baby grandson with no help from nana. This is a funny account to see if men think like women when it comes to buying for babies. He knows the newborn size in mums hospital. Given a budget of £50.00 this is…

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post traumatic stress 1st baby is in the NICU stressed

post traumatic stress

Post traumatic stress following a premature birth post traumatic stress is a medical condition associated with the mental health of an individual. Such conditions are very hard to process and are linked with complicated symptoms that are very difficult to treat. There are several factors that can trigger post-traumatic stress. However, whatever the symptoms may…

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miscarriage at home panicking 1st time mum what do I do ?

miscarriage at home

miscarriage at home miscarriage is a painful and sad situation for women who experience it. Not only was the feeling hurt, but the woman’s body also felt excruciating pain. There is something more important when you have a miscarriage, namely the dangerous complications that can occur as a result of a miscarriage.  Today we talk…

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baby shops online in 2021 a futuristic look ahead

baby shops online uk

baby shops online is it a way to shop now with covid 19 closing, especially with many local shops in the high street? since the 1980s shops has been changing. Gone are many local markets now. I remember a lady trying to get them up and running again in our local area in the 2000’s.…

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baby born at 28 weeks shock birth

baby born at 28 weeks

my baby born at 28 weeks will he be ok ? baby born at 28 weeks is the topic for todays blog post. In the field of medical sciences, every baby who is born before completion of the gestation period (before 37 weeks) is referred to as a Premature baby. Every year, the NHS reports…

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stillborn baby funeral plan ideas for 2021

stillborn baby funeral

stillborn baby funeral for babies over 25 weeks gestation. a lady told us this week a hospital was going to arrange a funeral for my granddaughter with other babies. Do we have to have this method or can we do our own ? stillborn baby funeral plans for preterm babies Planning a stillborn baby funeral…

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premature babies survival rate outstanding in 2021

premature babies survival rates in 2021

what is the premature babies survival rate in the uk A baby which is born before the completion of the gestation period (before 37 weeks) is called a Premature baby. The world preterm statistics allocator shows that the rate of preterm babies in the UK is high as compared to other European countries. About 60,000…

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memory box for baby bereavement 1st gift

memory box baby

Baby Bereavement memory box forever keepsake and what goes inside memory box gift for a baby bereavement. After the loss of a baby, most parents are feeling shocked, empty, and isolated. In this traumatic time, it’s difficult to cope with grief and overcome the huge loss, but a baby bereavement memory box is one of…

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fetal development 0-24 weeks simply awesome

fetal development week 24

fetal development 0-24 weeks simply awesome to see what baby is doing each week. Fetal development in pregnancy week by week following 0-24 weeks Pregnancy is something that is very eagerly awaited by married couples. However, do you know what the pattern of fetal development is until birth? pregnancy begins with the meeting of the…

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white spots baby gums terrified its serious in 2021

white spots baby gums doctor

white spots baby gums is it contagious White spots baby gums is a common medical condition frequently found in babies and newborn infants. Medically it is termed as Epstein pearls and is characterized by the appearance of small yellow-white bumps either on the gums or on the roof of the mouth. They may look unusual…

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pregnancy calculator when is my due date 1st baby

pregnancy calculator

Pregnancy Calculator can help to work out your baby’s due date. In fact, whether a baby will arrive on time is a mystery. Only when you go into established labour will you know the exact due date is imminent. One of the primary issues females ask when they find out they are pregnant is actually,…

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20 weeks pregnant can you see my baby bump

20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant is half of pregnancy. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus and baby continue to grow, and pregnant women feel many changes in their belly button and weight. They feel more appetite, and the belly looks like a bump vs. bloated, even they can feel their baby moving. next, the stomach is…

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reusable nappies take the test ditch the rest in 2021

reusable nappies

simple reusable nappies for the modern baby reusable nappies back in the 1950s 60’s and 70’s consisted of cotton towelling fabric squares and rubber pants. after a few washes the rubber pants stained and went crispy so new ones were needed. fastened with a pink or blue safety pink at the waist was how they…

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first signs of pregnancy 1st baby excited

first signs of pregnancy test

first signs of pregnancy in todays blog post. exciting news for a first time couple that has been trying for a baby for ages. what are the first signs of pregnancy Pregnancy is referred to as the period during which a fetus forms inside a woman’s womb or uterus is. For a husband and wife or…

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baby with sore throat fed up its 3 times now

baby with sore throat

baby with sore throat more than once in a year. In fact can be very upsetting to the parents if it’s getting pretty regular. In certain town centres pollution is having an effect on a babies health. especially with asthma and breathing problems. So today we look at a sore throat in more detail for…

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babies clothes which is appropriate in 2021

babies clothes 2021

Babies clothes: How do you choose the appropriate clothing for young children? babies clothes can a baby wear thick clothes in spring? After the uk had a temperature of 16 degrees outside it seemed wonderful at last and no cold rain. But what would a baby wear outside does he really need a thick snowsuit…

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baby funeral upset what to do 1st child

baby funeral

baby funeral what do we want ? a question asked by a family member to the mum who had just lost her baby at only 24 weeks pregnant. “What do I want” the mum replied “I want my baby back . Its my first child why would I know what to do after she should…

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baby nappies reusable disposable debate 2021

baby nappies 2021

baby nappies for use in the uk in 2021. what’s available what’s all the fuss about looking at the debate of reusable compared to disposable. baby nappies cloth ones Nowadays most young mothers feel confused while choosing between reusable or disposable baby nappies. Questions regarding nature, ease of use, baby comfort and health comes to…

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incubators for babies born 24 weeks so early

incubators for babies

Incubators are special machines that are designed for babies to provide them with additional medical care that is essential for their proper neonatal growth. Incubators are specifically used for babies that are born with a certain medical condition or born before 37 weeks of pregnancy (preterm babies). Every hospital has a special HDU or Neonatal…

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premature birth baby at 24 weeks alarm

premature birth-baby

premature birth before 25 weeks pregnant. does the hospital fight to save babies born too soon?. years ago babies could survive from 24 weeks. You do not need to be alarmed but babies born as early as 22 weeks can now survive in this present day of 2021. Depending on the hospitals policy determines if…

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early signs labour im terrified at 37 weeks along

pregnancy calculator

early signs labour in a woman’s pregnancy can be very frustrating for a first time mum. As a mum to be gets towards the end of her pregnancy she will get asked many times things like “have you not had that baby yet”. “when are you due?” “are you having a boy or a girl…

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funny babies hilarious make you laugh 10 months old

funny babies baby

funny babies so hilarious they fill your heart with joy don’t they? So when are babies so funny ? believe it or not even when they are newborn they make such funny expressions with their faces. A mum likes to think when a baby smiles its because its smiling at mum but when newborn a…

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home birth can I have one during covid -19 in year 2021

home birth during covid 19 pandemic

home birth or a homebirth during the covid-19 pandemic. what are the rules for delivering a baby at home? in May 2020 the guidance sheet was given to midwife led services for the safe delivery of babies during the ever changing pandemic. In countries where there are health care services and if a woman is…

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giving birth in the uk wow how expensive in 2021

giving birth uk costs

Giving birth how costly is it to bave a baby in the uk now? giving birth can be achieved by paying the cost yourself or can be free if you decide to give birth to your baby using the NHS, it almost costs nothing to families, and you can avail most of the facilities free…

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NHS pregnancy 12-40 weeks care


NHS pregnancy how it evolved into the 2021 years NHS pregnancy is one of the effective health relief programs provided to UK citizens under the umbrella of the National Health Service (NHS). NHS is a UK-based publicly funded health body founded by the former health minister Aneurin Bevan in 1946. The main motto of this…

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why does a miscarriage at 22 weeks sadly happen

miscarriage at 22 weeks

miscarriage at 22 weeks is called mid-trimester or second-trimester loss. If a baby expires at or after 24 weeks of pregnancy called a stillbirth. However, miscarriage at 22 weeks or late miscarriage is not very common it happens in only 1 to 2% of pregnancy cases. In this article, we discuss some reason why miscarriages…

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colic baby extreme for 3 month old

colic baby born newborn

What is Colic? Colic baby or a colicky baby is intense, prolonged, and frequent crying or fussiness in a young baby. It can be frustrating for parents because the baby’s discomfort occurs for no apparent reason and no amount of consoling seems to bring any relief. What are the Symptoms of Colic in a baby?…

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national childbirth trust in 2021 help my baby please

nct national childbirth trust

What is the national childbirth trust (NCT)? national childbirth trust is also known as an NCT; it is the largest parent charity in the UK, was developed in 1956, and help millions of parents through early parenthood and birth. The trust’s main goal is to support parents early 1000 days from the starting of pregnancy…

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baby mozart music 20 weeks pregnant soothing the soul

baby mozart sleeping soundly

baby mozart music does it really soothe the soul ?. when you are pregnant especially if you are constantly surrounding yourself in stressful situations How does stress effect you? it can effect your health and that of your baby. music in pregnancy good for mums health and that of her baby your blood pressure can…

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caesarean c section op fast at 39 weeks pregnant

caesarean c section

Caesarean Section Birth A caesarean section is a procedure that is performed to give a surgical birth to a baby. It is applicable under certain conditions when a mother fails to provide a natural birth to a baby. On some occasions a mum to be requests an elective c section. This may be due to…

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waterbirth home or hospital at 39 weeks pregnant

Waterbirth home with a partner doula and midwife Professional providers and mothers consider Waterbirth to be the most delicate technique of natural labour. A pregnant mum can have a waterbirth with a partner, Doula and midwife beside her should she choose. The following points are some posed inquiries about a waterbirth delivery. What is a…

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foetus weeks 10 – 16 growing nicely

foetus fetus weeks 10

What is meant by foetus or fetus? foetus is described as an unborn or unhatched offspring of a mammal. developed from an embryo. In particular an unborn human more than eight weeks after conception is called foetus. What changes occur in a foetus during pregnancy? During the period of pregnancy, the foetus undergoes significant anatomical…

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jaundice baby at 2 day old oh no!

jaundice baby

Jaundice is a medical condition primarily characterized by yellowing of skin or eyes due to excess accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. People of all age numbers are equally vulnerable to this medical condition. However, its prevalence in newborn babies is of great significance and requires special attention. Jaundice in newborn babies is often termed…

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newborn babies feeding methods in 2021 help

newborn babies cute

newborn babies feeding methods. so you are pregnant and wondering what feeding methods you will use for newborn babies. Here in the uk more parents are trying breast feeding. If only for the first few weeks. Bottle feeding is the other method. so today we look at the pros and cons. Plus more importantly how…

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baby born gush water with 3 pushes

baby born twins

baby born quickly after 3 pushes but are all births that quick? labour is like its word “hard work”. It is a very exciting feeling when you wait for your baby born. It doesn’t matter, whether this is your first child, you are adopting it after years of trying, or if you have already become…

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Baby born at 35 weeks health issue worry ?

baby born at 35 weeks gestation

Newborn baby born at 35 weeks being examined in delivery room by doctor What are late-preterm babies and full-term babies? Most pregnancies last about 40 weeks. Babies born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy are called full-term babies. Babies born between 34 and 36 full weeks of pregnancy are called late-preterm babies. What are…

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threatened miscarriage at 20 weeks

miscarriage 22 weeks pregnant

Threatened Miscarriage At 20 Weeks pregnant Threatened miscarriage is a medical condition primarily characterised by abnormal vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. It is relatively a typical and less severe pregnancy complication often experienced by 25-30% of all pregnant women, and about half of them will carry their baby to term. Vaginal bleeding is sometimes accompanied by…

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baby born at 32 weeks health and dangers

baby born at 32 weeks pregnant

baby born at 32 weeks pregnant. premature baby born at 32 weeks gestation. what are the dangers for their health and well being. Baby Born At 32 Weeks Pregnant Full-term pregnancy helps to better the baby’s growth and development compared to a baby born at 32 weeks. Due to some pregnancy complications, every woman can’t…

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premature babies Prom at 24 weeks quick delivery

small baby premature babies

Taking care of a premature baby Premature babies are born before the 37th week of pregnancy. According to statistical information, Globally 1 in 10 babies will be born early. Around 11% to 13% of the babies born in the United States are premature babies. Most of the twins and triplets are premature babies as well.…

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small baby for dates shocked 2021

small baby boy

small baby at an ultra sound scan. or small for dates baby born full term. Today we look at how can you have a small baby and what does it mean for their future. In the first instance a first baby scan gives the sonographer a date baby will roughly be born at. It isn’t…

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neonate babies in special care 2021

neonate in the nicu

what is a neonate baby ? neonate babies that are less than 4 weeks old. A neonate is the medical term used in hospital and doctors settings. if a baby is born premature and staying in the neonatal intensive care units then their stay can go beyond that of 4 weeks. neonate babies in intensive…

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baby born in sac amazing watch these 3 videos

baby born in sac

baby born in sac what does it mean exactly? it means when a baby is delivered it is still in tact of its sac and amniotic fluid. its rare to see but truly amazing. in professional terms its called en caul birth. this type of birth can be seen both a vaginal delivery and c…

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premature labour shock delivery at 24 weeks

born premature labour

premature labour what does it mean? Premature ruрturе оf the membranes (PROM) іѕ whеn thе ѕас оf wаtеr surrounding the bаbу brеаkѕ and the fluid lеаkѕ out. It can trickle or gush. Thіѕ can hарреn еіthеr at thе еnd of рrеgnаnсу, or еаrlіеr оn or wеll bеfоrе the duе dаtе like at 24 weeks. prom…

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babies born at 29 weeks premature arrival

babies born at 29 weeks

babies born at 29 weeks are classed as a premature birth. lets take a look at what development stage babies born at 29 weeks are at. you may noticed your waters are leaking and panic that your baby is far to early to be born. babies born at 29 weeks have approximate over 90% survival…

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baby born premature birth Anxious in 2021

born premature in neonatal unit

baby born premature anxious and stressed. How have these feelings come on all of a sudden. You wait for your baby born full term then your waters break early. in no time at all your baby has then been whisked away early after an imminent premature birth. the next few weeks your baby will be…

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real born baby reborn shock 2021

real born baby or a doll ? also called a reborn baby. What is it ? You will be surprised how far reborn artist have come in the last few years. There are two types of reborn artist that make a real born baby look so lifelike. The first artist can take a doll or…

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bereavement leave baby loss uk in 2020

bereavement leave threatened mis

bereavement leave in the uk that effects those living in England Scotland and Wales. if you live in one of those mentioned then you can claim Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay and Leave .after the loss of a baby your short and long term plans can change. this effects you taking time off work in the…

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how many weeks pregnant am I 20 ? amazing

how many weeks pregnant am i

Did you just find out that you’re pregnant? If yes, then the first thing you’ll probably ask your specialist is ‘how many weeks pregnant am I’? Maybe you don’t want to go to a specialist and want to figure out everything on your own. If latter is the case, then congratulations because you’ve landed on…

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down syndrome newborn trisomy 21 shock

down syndrome in babies trisomy 21

down syndrome newborn baby at birth can have a normal delivery. This weeks soap programme called Emmerdale brought up this storyline. How a pregnant mum’s scan revealed a possibility of having a baby with down syndrome. Scan possible outcome down syndrome in a newborn baby a first pregnancy scan is usually for a dating scan…

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why do babies cry dreadful 2020

why do babies cry

Why do babies cry that never seems to stop? Babies cry at the moment of birth. Crying is the way of their communication with the parents. Occasionally a parent may think its dreadful will it ever stop. Sometimes you feel you want a break, especially when you listen to your baby cry for a few…

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early signs of labour premature birth

early signs of labour

early signs of labour starting again .I’m worried i’m going to have another premature baby. Ive lost of questions what shall I do any advice welcome.Today we look at the chances of having another early labour and the delivery of another premature baby. what are the early signs of labour early signs of labour sometimes…

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tiny baby clothes uk worry in 2020

tiny baby clothes uk

tiny baby clothes from the uk. What can you worry about when buying tiny baby clothes?. what amazing finds can you get for a premature baby born in 2020. what tiny baby clothes are there that are so cute. Can you find them easily now in the year 2020 compared to 10 years ago. In…

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neonatal babies fight for life at 25 weeks

neonatal babies premature neonate

neonatal babies born early at 25 weeks. Generally babies born this early do have a fight for life. As an example they are whisked away at birth due to their extreme prematurity. To begin with prematurity means born before full term ( before 37 weeks of pregnancy). neonatal babies in the nicu Neonatal babies have…

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baby songs 25 awesome i’m loving it

baby songs

baby songs for little ones under 2 which ones are a big hit ? ones going round on the internet show up on social media. As a result many turn out to be a big hit. baby shark song and ladbaby sausage roll songs.Are just a couple lad baby in fact had 2 number one…

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baby shower seriously the best in 2020

bereavement leave baby miscarriage stillbirth

baby shower looming because you have decided you are going to have one yourself ? Do you want to know a secret?. Discover how to plan the most spectacular baby shower ever? and its all here in this blog post baby shower never seen before plans for best day ever baby shower in the distance?…

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premature baby clothes uk instantly in 2020

premature baby clothes uk only please . Don’t you wish only the shops that sell premature baby wear actually show up when you are doing a search online? After doing an online a search it revealed a usa website and only sold newborn onwards. what a waste of time. so you have to search again.…

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pregnancy blood test scared needles in 2020

pregnancy blood test results

pregnancy blood test scared of needles in the first instance? In fact being scared of needles is not unheard of. In fact many people are terrified that even the thought of a blood test makes some queasy. As an example the fear can be so intense in some adults that they cancel appointments. So if…

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premature babies weight 0 -7lb and onwards

premature babies weight at birth

premature babies weight at birth. To begin with the earlier the gestation a baby is born at the lower the birth weight. in fact the average weight of a new born baby is 7 1/2 lb. A full term baby usually in born between 40 -42 weeks pregnant. In premature babies born less than 37…

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premature baby winter clothes 2019 -2020 uk

premature baby winter clothes

premature baby winter clothes available in the uk. In the first instance it may be your first baby. Incidentally worried in case your baby will be to cold. When you are staying at the hospital with a baby in the Nicu, time is a valued commodity. Furthermore What premature baby winter clothes can you get…

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premature babies amazing born alive 22 weeks

premature babies born at 22 weeks can now survive outside the womb. Back in 2016 of the 486 babies born sadly 300 passed away. To begin with premature infants can live after being born at 24 weeks.This is usually the viable age that doctors will intervene and help them breathe. premature babies survival rates In…

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average baby weight unforgettable low birth weights 1lb

average baby weight

average baby weight in the uk is 7.5lbs or 1.588 kilograms. To begin with that’s with a woman going to full term with no health issues.. Next you maybe thinking what health conditions can possibly effect a baby’s birth weight? One such condition is gestational diabetes or GDM. how pregnancy can effect the average baby…

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babyborn at 37 weeks strange leaking waters

babyborn at 37 weeks

babyborn at 37 weeks will he go into special care ? dear Cheeky Chums my sister’s had leaking waters for a week and had her son at 37 weeks pregnant (36 plus 5) does it mean he will have to go into a special care baby unit ? If her baby boy can breathe properly.…

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premature birth our 1st miracle baby born early

premature birth

premature birth baby born early . Today our news focus is looking at a premature birth. The birth of a baby should be a wonderful experience for parents. To begin with babies occasionally arrive much earlier than expected. This is a premature birth. . If you had a premature birth and your baby is very…

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premature babies 3 surprise triplets 1 tired mum

premature babies born early

premature babies imagine the shock when 3 becomes 4. Today we look at the highs and lows of having 4 premature babies in the NICU. First things is finding out the good news you are going to have 3 babies . A scan has revealed you are carrying at least 3 babies. After the initial…

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stillborn baby born at 24 weeks planning a funeral

stillborn baby funeral

stillborn baby making funeral plans stillborn baby sadly died. In particular the most saddest death that can ever happen is to the loss of a baby. To begin with Planning the funeral service can be very daunting. Here are some gentle ways of saying goodbye to your baby. Choosing a celebration of life after being…

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getting pregnant dangers risks in 2019

getting pregnant

getting pregnant could you be at risk without knowing it ? today we look at what possible risks are there in 2019 that could effect you getting pregnant. Coupled with pregnancy complications. Next What is a high risk pregnancy ?. This news blog discusses what outside influences can be harmful to a baby whilst growing…

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premature baby clothes near me 2019

unisex premature baby clothes uk

where to get premature baby clothing near me premature baby clothing near me in the uk. Which is the best place to buy premature baby clothes from. First of all you need to know what size clothes do you want to purchase. To begin with we ask this because the smallest babies don’t wear much…

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when do babies start crawling officially

babies crawling at 10 months

Babies crawling do they start at 3 months old please ? All about Infant babies crawling. In brief If a baby started crawling at 3 months old. That would really be truly magical wouldn’t it. In fact did you know that some babies never crawl. To begin You can help your baby develop strong muscle…

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premature baby miracle born 24 weeks top questions

premature baby nicu

Premature baby top questions asked about preterm infants. To begin with Premature labour is the first thing that indicates a premature birth is imminent. Soon as baby is born if less than 37 weeks its known as a premature birth. As a result of a question being asked and the wrong answer given on Google…

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miscarriage 22 weeks pregnant funeral plans

miscarriage 22 weeks pregnant

miscarriage 22 weeks pregnant . Here is the information you may need. To begin with in making funeral plans for babies you may not think after a miscarriage at 22 weeks that funeral is possible. In fact especially for a woman pregnant half way through . Hence babies of all gestational ages are allowed a…

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Child benefit claim form 2019

child benefit

child benefit 2019 claiming for a 1st baby how to claim now child benefit as soon as you are fit enough to leave the hospital with your newborn baby you’ll want to start a claim. If you are wondering were you start you’ll get some paperwork to take to the register office. Once you have…

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pregnancy history verses pregnant women in 2019

pregnancy history

pregnancy history verses Pregnant women in 2019 how different is it compared to 500 years ago. Giving birth 100 years ago what was it like? Did men attend the birth of a baby ? In the past we look back in history about women being pregnant. What pain relief did they use in the past…

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baby blankets for tiny babies smallest ever

baby blankets for tiny babies the smallest ever in the UK baby blankets for premature baby loss who has them in the smallest sizes ever imaginable.? Heaven and Hope an online retailer supply them readily available for premature infants. Based in the UK so you don’t have to wait weeks for them to arrive from…

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baby vaccines mum has backbone saying no

baby vaccines first ones

baby vaccines mandatory can you say no Today we tackle a hard subject to deal with saying no.Especially to your baby having any baby jabs. Wether it be at the Hospital imediately after birth. Or from the baby clinic. At a toddler group. Saying no to any baby vaccines given in a nursery setting. As…

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