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#jungle journey 20 w tiny baby clothing funeral wear born at 20 weeks JUNGLE JOURNEY

tiny baby clothing funeral wear born at 20 weeks JUNGLE JOURNEY
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tiny baby clothing boys born at 20 weeks funeral wear JUNGLE JOURNEY

tiny baby clothing boys its a colourful set stillborn at 20 weeks. Funeral wear comes complete dressing your baby boy for the funeral service dressing him top to toe.

Its so soft material 100% stretch cotton fabric. comprising of a sleepsuit knotted hat and cosy mittens. giving your baby son dignity so he isn't left naked in the coffin. Attire that you have chosen out for him. The pattern is marvelous animals of all types print.

so sweet too. very tiny compared to newborn sized clothing which would be way to big on him.
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what tiny gifts can we add to my sons coffin as we say goodbye?

With your precious baby boy being so tiny doesn't mean he cant have items lying next to him to keep him company .

You could add a jewellery item such as a heart or locket or ring, a photo so he's surrounded by his family, a micro teddy bear as his best friend so he's never left on his own. (smallest start at 3cm here at Heaven and Hope). A fresh funeral flower. A hand written note from you folded saying just how much you love him and will miss him.

poem and prayer ideas for your baby boys funeral ceremony.

tears of sadness tears of joy, missing your dearly our lovely baby boy.
You will never be forgotten as the days pass on by.
Its the love that will bind us as we say to you goodbye.

Ever so small yet loved by us all. Your beauty amazed us as we gazed upon you.
A tender cuddle as we say our goodbyes. thinking of you always gazing up at the skies.

Dear God above who created such love. Keep our precious son into your tender care until we meet with him again Amen.

Faither God in heaven above bless us with your care and love, strengthen the family at this sad time. as they say goodbye to the darling baby boy amen.

God above purest of love, give us your peace , Dear lord we ask for comfort at this sad time,
Our son brought us such joy our little baby boy happy and blessed now he's gone and laid to rest. In Jesus name we ask these things amen.

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