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#puddle duck 5 tiny baby clothes in 5-8lb hat mittens puddle ducks

tiny baby clothes in 5-8lb hat mittens puddle ducks
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tiny baby clothes hat mittens 5-8lb puddle ducks

tiny baby clothes attractive cotton hat and little scratch mittens. Stocking the smallest tiny baby clothing 5-8lb in weight. cotton stretch hat with coordinating mittens to help deter little fingers from poking thin canular wires or monitor leads from the face.

tiny babies will wriggle to try and dislodge them out of their body. these are so sweet with yellow ducklings splashing in puddles wearing welly boots print. keeping your tiny baby's head and hands cosy too. handmade in the UNITED KINGDOM by Nanny Nicu TM .
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Nanny Nicu TM range tiny baby wear

Lancashire brand made in tiny fittings only. cute brightly coloured materials and complete outfits around. Designed for a more colourful practical clothing solution for early babies Created solely for tiny babies with slimmer body structures. For NICU HDU and SCBU maternity ward use.

In fact also for home wear and the great outdoors. manufactured with liaison with a NICU unit of a local hospital.

Made with the softest fabrics soft and gentle to tender skin. cutest designs beautiful prints you wont find anywhere else. The must have clothes that will be the envy of other parents.You''ll love the most attractive and trend setting prints on offer. Plus they are a cut above with choices galore all under one store. You wont find some of these animal / cartoon prints and in these sizes anywhere else. Established years ago a favourite brand time and time again. Each year the fabric designers are highly sought after just for the uniqueness of the patterns alone. Everything is always oh so loveable.

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