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#splash c 24w funeral clothes baby 24 weeks pregnant SPLASHINGS COLOUR

funeral clothes baby 24 weeks pregnant SPLASHINGS COLOUR
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funeral clothes baby at 24 weeks pregnant size SPLASHINGS COLOUR

funeral clothes teeny tiniest ever 24 weeks pregnant size. Brilliant girly girl colours mini rainbows theme adding a splash of colour with a crisp white jumper. three piece full outfit for your baby daughter to wear. handmade by Something Precious TM. comes with a crisp white blouse wrap over style for easy dressing for a snuggly sleep. warm snuggly jumper. little leggings and a tweenie tie hat finishes of the outfit perfectly. Something you yourself have have chosen.

Gorgeous design you'll be thrilled to piece with the quality for your baby girl to own as its smaller made not huge fittings ,like newborn sizes are. Fully dressed and settled in peace. made from stretchy cotton jersey for added comfort. tap the buy it now button just below to select this three piece matching set. click the buy it now button on this page to order this outfit.

funeral plan ideas about global beauty

to plan a private funeral service can be significantly hard so as a bereavement specialist we thought you may like some ideas to help you begin This is a beauty theme. song ideas All things bright and beautiful hymn version Played as family and friends arrive at the church or crematorium. guests bring a different coloured pastel shade flower to lay at the font or at the side of her coffin. pastel coloured butterflies themed large cake to share or little fairy cakes with pastel rainbow fondant shapes on the top, these are then given to each guest as they go home.

no wake for this type of ceremony. so its not too painfully long. Guests are passed a leaflet given an order of service with rabbits and rainbows in a field. a poem about beauty can be read during the funeral service. . feel free to use this beautiful poem idea if you quite like it.

a peaceful look at the clouds passing by,
what a beautiful rainbow arrayed in the sky.
petals of flowers opening wide displaying their glory
stunning colours shining so bright.
a baby so beautiful sleeping in peace.
our darling baby girl we now lay you to rest.

bringing such love and such sadness here too,
goodbye precious baby your family loves you.
A Blessing to have known you, yet not here for very long,
each night we will think of you and sing a lullaby song.

poem written by Heaven and Hope.

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