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#fields joy 3-5 3-5lb premature baby clothes tiny babies FIELDS JOY leggings

3-5lb premature baby clothes tiny babies FIELDS JOY leggings
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3-5lb premature baby clothes tiny babies FIELDS JOY pair leggings

premature baby clothes for tiny babies cutest prints brightly coloured too.3-5lb size by Nanny Nicu colourful clothes for tiny babies. sizes in this particular print start at a low birth weight 3-5lb. Mix and match worn with a vest, T shirt or cosy jumper .lots of oos and ahhs when she owns a pair of these of her very own. click the order button just below to order this in a size 3-5lb.

when your baby can wear their own clothes for tiny babies.

The best day when your baby can wear clothes for tiny babies. Usually a baby born early will spend time in the special care baby unit. if they are warm enough with just a vest on in the incubator there will come a time when they can wear their own clothes. You can then be responsible for taking them home each day to wash through and bring back nice clean fresh ones. The best part being you are able to dress her yourself and its you that gets to pick out what she can wear for the day.

Often they borrow premature clothing borrowed from the hospital but these are often in unusual colours ,often donated and can be bigger and look overpowering in size. I remember my own granddaughter wearing a red cardigan miles too big for her in the scbu cot. Until the next day when so was able to wear ones her mum picked out for her instead.

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