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#funky friends 22w tiny baby clothing born at 22 weeks FUNKY FRIENDS

tiny baby clothing born at 22 weeks FUNKY FRIENDS
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tiny baby clothing boy funeral clothes born at 22 weeks FUNKY FRIENDS

tiny baby clothing full outfit so small to fit snuggly. boys baby bereavement clothes sold here in early baby size to fit your son born at 22 weeks of pregnancy.. main colour in white with a hint of blue .white jumper this shade is a symbolizing innocence and purity. Dressing your baby boy from top to toes in this complete set. Tiny baby clothing includes soft jersey leggings, a warm as toast jumper with side fastenings for ease of dressing. finished of with a tiny baby double knot hat .

knowing he is dressed warm will stop you feeling worried as much about him feeling cold. settled at rest for the bereavement service. more sizes in boys funeral outfits can be found back on the tiny baby clothing page of this website click the buy it now button just below to order this colourful apparel born at 22 weeks size.

tiny baby clothing why its designed so small.

For babies that need funeral clothes may be readily available in newborn and upwards sizes. But these are way to big when a baby is born preterm. Heaven and Hope provide the smallest tiny baby clothing from 16 weeks gestation. Dressed offering honour and worth to these little ones is very important to us.

No one should ever go to their own funeral not having clothes to own. It's Especially valuable to be able to have something you have picked out yourself. You will always find dignified wear , made from comfortable soft materials, plus with cute designs available too here online. real baby clothes made in tinier fittings for the smallest child born sleeping.

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