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#heartdevine 24w blankets baby bereavement smallest born at 24week HEARTDEVINE

blankets baby bereavement smallest born at 24week HEARTDEVINE
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blankets baby warm white shade born at 23-24 weeks HEARTDEVINE

baby blankets in very teeny sizes for a funeral service. Nestled, covered snuggly tucked in with this warm blanket. its a hand crochet coffin blanket for a tiny baby burial. Your baby will feel secure and settled gently covered with this white blanket that's not too overpowering. Made in the UK by Something Precious TM from soft acrylic baby wool.

A tender white love heart sits in the corner setting it off perfectly. White symbolizing innocence and all that is pure. click the buy it button just below to pick this burial blanket.

blankets baby why these are made smaller.

Here At Heaven and Hope we specialise in the tiniest of sizes for babies no matter what age they are delivered at. When a baby is born sleeping in pregnancy. At birth tiny babies are often they are passed to mum in a huge paper towel. Or a newborn sized blanket if the family brought one with them to the maternity hospital. Its a crispy sheet style often made from recycled paper. This isn't comfy for baby to be wrapped in their coffin. Especially to be held with, for family cuddles before a final farewell.

At Heaven and Hope only the best fabrics are chosen for these blankets baby .Therefore created from mediums such as knits, crochet wool, soft cotton, plush velour. It's important for us to know you wont worry about them in their final resting place. We want you to feel happy that baby is dressed and snuggled dignified as you pay respect to their memory.

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