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#diddy driver 24 w tiny baby clothing funeral DIDDY DRIVER born at 24 weeks

tiny baby clothing funeral DIDDY DRIVER born at 24 weeks
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tiny baby clothing funeral wear born at 24 week DIDDY DRIVER
tiny baby clothing 1-2lb size. Full funeral outfit that you can decide upon. keeping baby warm from head to feet. dressed and contented this outfit comes with the following warm items. tiny baby sweatshirt in crisp white. diddy car printed stretchy leggings. diddy baby mittens plus a knotted soft to the touch cotton hat.

Available in early baby sizes born at 24 weeks pregnant. main colour is in white with a splash of blue cars .white symbolizing innocence and everything pure. knowing he is dressed warm rest assured feeling as worried about him feeling cold for the funeral. settled for the service. hand made in UK by Something Precious TM. click the buy it now button just below to order this 4 piece outfit.

tiny baby poem idea for the funeral service

organising a funeral for a baby boy born sleeping is something you should never have to do. Here is a little help towards the planning stage. offering ideas to make it more a celebration of his life when they haven't been here very long. This is a poem to consider to reading out at the ceremony. little birds theme. at home make an outside garden area for wild life and birds to visit. you will love it identifying the new babies each spring time. Its healing and rewarding watching the parents feed their babies and they can become quite social if you watch them near by.

They will get used to you feeding them daily. Next add a bird bath, feed wild bird seed, with mealworms on a wooden bird stand.
and fresh water to drink . it will be a garden of remembrance a memorial to your baby son. Close by yet very comforting and in the privacy of your own home. If you don't have a garden consider feeding birds at your local wooded walk area its emotionally good to deal with grief this way along with exercise which in turn also helping to come to terms with the trauma side of baby loss.

so tiny theme.

So tiny yet so mighty so sad to see you depart.
Our baby boy so precious with memories etched in our hearts.
You never saw the sunlight shine upon your face.
And now you get to be with God and heaven is such a wonderful place.

until we meet again dear Son, we are sad you left us so soon.
and at night time we will be thinking of you as we gaze at the light of the moon.
although you were little with tiny feet you warm us together as we watch you sleep.
always loved treasured forever. Goodnight precious Son mummy and daddy will always love you.

funeral poem written by Heaven and Hope.

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