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#foxy loxy 1-2 baby dresses premature babies NICU dress FOXY LOXY in 1-2lb

baby dresses premature babies NICU dress FOXY LOXY in 1-2lb
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baby dresses premature babies clothes NICU dress FOXY LOXY 1-2lb

baby dresses premature babies clothes sold here in the very tiny sizes. just what you need in a hurry. NICU dress FOXY LOXY theme on a grey background. its so cute too. made from soft poly cotton fabric no itchy seams dress. lined too with velcro closures at the shoulders. Nicu nurses love these type of fastenings for tiny babies. size is 1-2lb low birth weight. opens at back as its wrap over style. so easy to dress your premature baby daughter in. its also got a sweet little headband so you can put it on for a girly girl picture of her. then you are able to capture her early moments on camera. to treasure in her memory box .

you'll be thrilled to pieces with this print featuring little foxes on. Its a slender fitting dress so do not order if its just for dolls. At Heaven and Hope all the clothes are in tiny fittings for that of premature infants. what is a nicu dress? A neonatal dress that doesn't come with all the frilly layers of some girls dresses. its made so a mum can dress her daughter in something practical for wearing in an incubator.

its not needed to keep a baby warm. babies rely on incubators to provide this. that's why window portholes are used to put your hands in to attend to your baby. so the warmth doesn't escape leaving baby cold. it gives mum a sense of what its like being a parent tending to baby's direct care needs. when a lot of the time is spent sitting at the side of her an incubator. click the buy it now button to order foxy loxy in grey.

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